Meet Penny


Inventive artist.
Monkey bar marvel.
Curious learner.

She'll never run out of steam.

For pre-kindergartener Penny, school is the highlight of her day. Whether she’s in morning meeting or Spanish class, Penny’s on the edge of her seat as she learns about her own brain power. She’s quick to share stories about her favorite projects and library book selections—and takes on every new adventure with glee. 

When she’s not soaking in everything she can in the classroom, Penny can be found dashing through the courtyard playing hide and seek or dangling from the monkey bars. Whatever new experiences lie ahead, Penny’s future is bound to be bright.

Learn more about Penny

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  • Favorite thing she's learned this year:

    “I like to learn about everything! I liked learning my new friends’ names and how to write.”
  • When she grows up:

    “I want to be a doctor or an artist.”
  • Favorite spot on campus:

    The playground. "I love to play outside at recess and run around. I like tag, hide and seek, and hanging on the monkey bars!”
  • What she likes about Ellis:

    "I like my friends and all of my teachers. They play with me.”
  • An Ellis girl is:

    “I think being an Ellis girl is being strong. I am creative. I am strong. I am smart. I like myself!”
  • How she builds confidence:

    In music and art class. "I love music class because we get to dance. We sing happy songs. In art class, we create things. We made a collage that’s a story about our class. We cut out paper and put them all together.”
  • Favorite subject:

    “I like learning Spanish. Did you know that bombera means firefighter in Spanish?”

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