Middle School

Grades 5 through 8
The Middle School empowers girls entering grades 5 to 8 to take academic risks, develop new skills, and discover their passions.

Q: Why should I invest in my daughter’s education in Middle School?

A: To empower her.
The Middle School years are a time of change and growing self-awareness in a girl’s life. During this transformative time, foundations are laid that foster the confidence and courage to shape the future. At Ellis, faculty encourage academic risks and new experiences while a supportive environment builds fortitude and strengthens every girl’s learning skills. The Ellis Middle School provides students with opportunities to develop mindsets and skills to boldly navigate an expanding and ever-changing world.

What is the Middle School like?

Return on Investment in the Middle School

List of 5 items.

  • 45%

    of graduates of independent all-girls schools rate their public speaking ability “above average” or in the “highest 10%,” compared to 39% of women graduates of independent coeducational schools.1
  • 60%

    of graduates of independent all-girls schools rate their intellectual self-confidence as “above average” or in the “highest 10%,” compared to 54% of their independent coeducational school counterparts.1
  • 86%

    of all-girls school students report being less likely to be bullied than their female peers at coed independent schools (80%) and public schools (73%).2
  • 87%

    of girls who attend all-girls schools feel their opinions are respected at their school compared to 82% of girls at coed independent schools and 58% of girls at coed public schools.2
  • More likely to speak up

    Girls in all-girls schools are more likely to speak up, interact more with teachers, have higher levels of participation, and are less likely to be harassed by other students than girls in coed schools.3


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