College Counseling

At Ellis, the College Counseling Office offers highly personalized support and unlimited hours of guidance to Upper School students seeking counsel in their college search.

College counseling is woven into the curriculum and students take a two-year college counseling seminar during their junior and senior years at Ellis with admission officers from more than 125 colleges and universities visiting each year.

Educators and college counselors focus on the student as a whole—their strengths, both academic and extracurricular, their long-term goals and ambitions, and their vision for the future—to find the right fit for each graduate. In-house ACT/SAT test prep, college application workshops, feedback on college essays, merit-based aid and scholarship guidance, and advising on financial aid packages and appeals is offered to all students.

College Readiness

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  • 70%

    say that Ellis provided them with greater confidence in their mathematical abilities.
  • 73%

    state that they are better than their peers at conducting research.
  • 79%

    state they are better able than their peers to focus on subjects that are difficult, rather than just those that come easily.
  • 80%

    affirm that, thanks to their Ellis education, they are extremely or well-prepared for college-level history.
  • 88%

    say they are better writers than their college peers.
  • 98%

    indicate that they are extremely or well-prepared for college-level English.
    • What Our Graduates Say

      “Ellis has great, smart teachers who encourage discussion and critical thinking, and care about their students. I’ve had many similar professors in college, and I’ve often found myself referencing things I learned in my classes at Ellis or making notes in the margins of a text that relate to memorable comments that Ellis teachers once made.”

Keith Bryner

Director of College Counseling

By focusing on whole student development, our program imparts transferable skills and positive perspectives to benefit our graduates both during their search and beyond. Each student follows a unique path in her selection process and is celebrated for the uniqueness of their journey and, ultimately, her college selection. The skills developed in this realm are comprehensive and set our graduates up to be both successful in their college goals and to be flexible and resilient people beyond their time at Ellis. Our intention is to convey to selective colleges and universities that Ellis graduates will arrive at their doorsteps not exhausted from their high school work but invigorated by the possibilities of collegiate education.

To request The Ellis School's school profile, please contact Keith Bryner, Director of College Counseling, at

College Placements

From the “Hidden Ivies” to the “New Ivies” to the plain old Ivy League; from “Colleges that Change Lives” to nationally recognized research institutions to the alma maters of U.S. presidents—the Ellis college matriculation list is impressive, diverse, and ever-changing. The impact of an Ellis education is felt far beyond college.
Trailblazing alumnae have set new standards for success in every sector, including medicine, law, business, and academia. Whichever path a graduate chooses, graduates can rely on the knowledge, skills, and values they learned at Ellis—and on an international network of supportive alumnae who work to change the world, break glass ceilings, and elevate women everywhere.

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  • 2017–2021 College Matriculation List

    Albright College (2)
    Allegheny College (2)
    American University (7)
    Amherst College (3)
    Bard College
    Barnard College
    Boston College
    Brandeis University (5)
    Brown University
    Bryn Mawr College
    Bucknell University
    Carnegie Mellon University (2)
    Case Western Reserve University (3)
    Chapman University
    Chatham University (4)
    Colgate University
    College of Wooster (2)
    College of Charleston
    Columbia University
    Connecticut College
    Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
    Cornell College
    Cornell University (2)
    Davidson College
    Dickinson College
    Duquesne University (3)
    Elon University
    Emory University (4)
    Fordham University
    Franklin & Marshall College
    George Washington University (2)
    Georgetown University
    Geneva College
    Gettysburg College
    Hampton University 
    Harvey Mudd College
    Haverford College (2)
    High Point University
    Ithaca College
    Johns Hopkins University
    Juniata College
    Kalamazoo College
    Kenyon College
    McDaniel College
    Middlebury College
    Mount Holyoke College
    Muhlenberg College (2)
    North Carolina A & T State University
    Northeastern University (4)
    Northwestern University
    Oberlin College (3)
    Ohio Wesleyan University
    Pennsylvania State University (4)
    Pomona College
    Pratt Institute (3)
    Purdue University (3)
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (2)
    School of the Art Institute of Chicago
    Smith College (2)
    Southern Methodist University
    Spelman College
    Syracuse University
    Temple University (3)
    The New School
    Trinity College
    Trinity College Dublin UK
    University of Delaware
    University of Denver
    University of Exeter UK
    University of Iowa (2)
    University of Miami (4)
    University of Nebraska, Lincoln
    University of North Carolina, Wilmington
    University of Pennsylvania (3)
    University of Pittsburgh (11)
    University of Rochester (4)
    University of Tampa
    University of Vermont
    Wake Forest University
    Washington and Jefferson College (2)
    Washington University in St. Louis
    Wesleyan University (2)
    Wilkes University
    Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    Yale University