Life at Ellis

Theater Arts

The Ellis Theater Arts program inspires girls to realize their authentic voice through the art of performance.

Whether she’s center stage or behind-the-scenes, all of our theater arts experiences are offered in an environment where students discover and nurture their own artistic affinities and discover their creative potential. Programs vary by division, but the goal of teaching students valuable, transferable skills remains the same. Participation in theater at The Ellis School encourages students to learn about the power of public speaking, the strength and elegance of physical drama, and the immense potential of the arts as a core value in our communities and culture.

Pre-kindergarten to Grade 5

In the Lower School, the Theater Arts program is built into the daily curriculum and each grade practices and performs their own play throughout the course of the year.

In Middle School, students build upon the foundational skills students learn in Lower School. In grade 5, students write, produce, and perform their own production as part of the curriculum.

Grades 6 to 12

In grade 6, the Theater Arts become an extracurricular activity. Students with a desire to learn more about the art of performance are encouraged to take part in the productions available to them after the school day ends. Students are invited to take on a more active role in varying areas of theater production including costuming, set design, live sound reinforcement, and stage management and direction. These experiences have proven to unite students through a shared investment in the final product as well as a deeply emotional bonding experience.

The Upper School provides students with three formal performance opportunities throughout the year. Students are given the opportunity to perform in a full-length play, a full-length musical, and one show that is chosen, produced and directed by a senior student. Each of these experiences inspires students to improve the skills they have been working on throughout the course of their theatrical career at Ellis.