Pandemic Parenting Webinar Series

It’s no longer just the daily grind of dinner plans, pick-up duties, and practice schedules on parents’ minds. With the COVID-19 pandemic, parents are more concerned than ever with the long-term well-being of their children, their family's health and safety, and their future plans. To help parents find real-world solutions and community with one another, The Ellis School is offering a free webinar series for parents focused on belonging, mindfulness, and remote learning.
How can you inspire your child to use their imagination and explore new hobbies (so you can get your own work done) this summer? Natalie Dixon Bell, English Teacher at The Ellis School, explained how you can foster exploration, inquiry, and curiosity in your child from the safety of home. From unique writing prompts to online story programs, Natalie spoke to how parents can use digital resources and their own bookshelves to inspire creativity in their teens and tweens. 
Sarah Ceurvorst, Art Educator at The Ellis School, explored how you can use the creative process to intentionally address big questions with kids. Sarah covered how art can be used as a catalyst for conversation and provided concrete ways kids can use art to grapple with abstract ideas and express themselves creatively.
Do you want to talk to your child about race but aren’t sure where or how to start? Denise LaRosa, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at The Ellis School, addressed how parents can begin having these important discussions at home.
Macon Finley, Head of The Ellis School, provided insights to families on how they can prepare for the upcoming school year and what school might look like this fall.
Jamie Rivers, a professional counselor and Ellis parent, and Melissa Butler, educator and learning consultant, shared how families can employ mindfulness and wellness strategies at home this summer.
Denise LaRosa, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at The Ellis School, spoke to how parents can foster a sense of belonging and community for their children during times of social distancing.

Contact Our Admission Team

At Ellis, we love nothing more than getting to know prospective families and sharing what makes Ellis a place where girls grow into bright, confident, community-minded changemakers. While we are missing the opportunity to welcome you to campus in person at this time, our admission team is working remotely and ready to connect by phone or video conference to answer your questions about admission and Tailored Tuition; tell you all about our students, teachers, and programs just as we would on a campus tour; and help you think through how to explore a new school for your daughter during this unusual time. We hope you will join us for some remote learning about everything that makes Ellis an extraordinary school community.