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The GreenSheet combines voices across campus to provide candor about life in and out of the classroom at The Ellis School. Each post is thoughtfully prepared by a member of the Ellis community.


  • Amanda Finigan, Head of Upper School

    Mellon Park Podcast Project Underway in Ellis Upper School

    Have you ever wondered, "Are the trees of Mellon Park native to Pittsburgh? If not, how did this selection come to be?” Or, "What’s the history of performing arts in Mellon Park? And whatever happened to the bagpiper who used to play there?” or "What happened to the various mansions on the property?” If so, you are in great company, because the Class of 2025 has been grappling with these same types of questions and more.
  • Macon Finley, Head of School

    Leaning into Experiential Learning

    With our clear focus on building all the skills and muscles that our girls will need to leave us ready and excited to have an impact on the world, it is particularly important that we weave many moments into their time at Ellis when they tussle with real-world challenges, problems, and opportunities.
  • Katie Johnson, Director of Athletics

    What Team Sports Can Teach Us

    I grew up in a household full of athletes. My brothers and my dad played college basketball, and my dad has been a college coach for as long as I can remember. I honestly can’t think of a time when sports and competition weren’t woven into my daily life. I played baseball, softball, basketball, and volleyball and developed a spirit and love of the games. But even more impactful to me than a love of the game was a love of the teams.
  • Macon Finley, Head of School

    A Strong Ellis Family

    I started the practice of addressing you as "Ellis Family” in my communications early in my time at Ellis. This felt so right, and important to me, because of the value I place on Ellis being a school community that has some of the key qualities of a strong family.

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