The Power of Technology in the Hands of Girls
At The Ellis School, we believe in learning by doing. Ellis faculty are committed to preparing girls to succeed in a complex and ever-changing world. Mobile technology broadens learning beyond the walls of the classroom and into the global community. Our goal is to ensure that students learn to use technology ethically and responsibly while taking advantage of all the benefits of a 21st-century education.  

Ellis girls begin learning valuable technology skills at a young age. Faculty members integrate technology into the curriculum to differentiate instruction and to utilize ongoing assessment tools that can assist in individualizing student needs. The diversity of device exposure prepares girls for life beyond Ellis by allowing them to experience multiple platforms and accompanying software, then the ability to personalize their engagement with technology.  

Girls typically lose interest in STEM areas during middle school, and only a fifth of programmers are female. In middle school, 74% of girls show interest in STEM areas, yet when choosing a college major, just 0.3% of girls select computer science. At Ellis, faculty members empower girls to utilize technology earlier so they feel confident in choosing to pursue STEM courses throughout their Middle and Upper School years. Encouragement from adults and peers is the number one contributor to a girl’s decision to pursue a STEM-related field in college. By building technology into the curriculum early, faculty members tap into students’ interest in technology, eventually empowering them to become technology innovators.