Meet Ellie

Grade 10

Yearbook photographer.
Student ambassador.
Talented teammate.

She leads by example.

The path of this Ellis lifer has taken her from the sun-drenched classrooms of the Lower School to the art studios in the Upper School. And throughout all of her Ellis experiences, Ellie’s smile and warmth have accompanied her every step of the way. Her positive influence comes in many forms, from cheering on her field hockey and lacrosse teammates to welcoming prospective students on campus tours.

Whether she’s behind the lens as a yearbook photographer or unraveling the meaning behind historic paintings in art history class, Ellie’s attitude and eye for detail make her an asset to any team.

Learn more about Ellie's time at Ellis

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  • Behind the lens:

    "I really like photography class because I love working in the dark room. It’s so different from taking a photo on your phone—you have to wait and develop it and see how it turns out. In the end, it might not look perfect, but the process of making it is what makes it worthwhile.”
  • Campus connections:

    She’s a member of the field hockey and lacrosse teams. "The teams are really close and everyone is friends. We’re always cheering each other on and having fun. We’re still really competitive and push each other to see how hard we can go. It can be challenging but really rewarding."
  • Favorite subject:

    Arts in Society. "I really like learning about art history and different ideologies and cultures. We just did a presentation where we compared art from the Baroque period to ads in the present. It was really interesting to see how art from hundreds of years ago is still reflected today.”
  • How she’s grown at Ellis:

    "I’ve become more responsible. My teachers have had a huge part in that because they’ve always been there to support me. They’ve taught me that it’s okay to make mistakes. I've learned to not feel bad when I fail and to try again, because messing up is inevitable.”
  • Looking ahead:

    "I think I want to study psychology or anthropology. I’m really interested in people and learning about how they view the world.”
  • On trying new things:

    "I joined the yearbook staff and it’s been great. We have a lot of freedom about what to include and how to design the book. I’m in charge of taking photos for the Lower School, so it’s really fun to go back and see what the girls are doing and remember what I did.”

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