After-school Programs

Maximizing the Day at Ellis
Research shows that participation in after-school programs is positively associated with better school attendance, more positive attitude towards school work, higher aspirations for college, finer work habits, better interpersonal skills, higher quality homework completion, less time spent in unhealthy behaviors, and improved grades. Every parent knows how important school is for their daughter’s personal growth. However, it doesn’t just end when the bell rings at 3:00 p.m. After-school programs are a great way to further improve your child’s development.

The Ellis School’s many After-school Programs are designed to offer students a wide array of enriching opportunities for discovery and exploration during the hours between dismissal and pick-up. With the guidance of professionals, girls develop their personalities supported by mentors and each other. Our after-school offerings are infused with the joy of learning in a fun environment where girls can ask questions, take risks, be creative, share ideas, and offer solutions to problems beyond the formal classroom setting.

After-school Programs are part of what makes Ellis such a close community where girls emerge with confidence, prepared to take on the world. Lifelong friendships are cemented on athletic fields and in artistic endeavors and our experienced staff provide the balance and wellness that we value at Ellis. Our holistic approach to girls’ development allows students to express themselves fully and come into their own.  

At Ellis, our After-school Programs focus on fundamental experiences that foster both learning and broader healthy development in students. Programs incorporate the support and opportunities necessary for students to succeed both developmentally and academically. Some of the most desirable features of learning environments—such as intrinsic motivation, flexibility, and multiple learning arrangements—are characteristics of our quality programs.

We strive to not only provide an excellent education for every student, but also to nurture and develop the talents of each individual girl so she can thrive in school and in life. Our programs are consistent with our aim to nurture every girl through her individual journey with support and promote experiences intended to ignite her passions, strengthen her confidence, and unlock her hidden potential.