Our Teams

Sports We Play

The goal of our Athletic Program is to teach, coach, and encourage each girl to compete to the best of her athletic ability.

At Ellis, girls gear up for nearly a dozen different sports. The focus is on developing a healthy appreciation for competition, inspiring confidence, and encouraging a love of sports, teamwork, and healthy lifestyles. We teach how to win, and how to lose. We teach the importance of discipline and hard work. We teach that staying active is the key to lifelong health and wellness.

More than 70 percent of girls in the Ellis Middle and Upper Schools play JV or Varsity sports compared to approximately 40 percent nationally. This is significantly higher than national averages reported by the Women's Sports Foundation. Girls who play sports are more physically and emotionally healthy, get better grades at school, and use sports to manage stress and work as part of a team.

Parking Maps

For security reasons, families of all Ellis athletes must park in the Ellis rear parking lot on game days. Pick-up after practice is in the Ellis rear parking lot.