Shayla Scott, Director of Athletics
Ellis has a 100-year tradition of excellence, wellness, and healthy competition in athletics. The Athletics staff is comprised of inspiring and dynamic leaders who champion integrity and resilience and help girls become scholars and athletes. We offer a variety of sports every season to help girls discover hidden talents and physical activities they love. Girls experience the joy of teamwork and the thrill of winning. They also develop physical and mental strength, resilience, and time management skills that last a lifetime.

Physical Education is required at all grade levels. Skills training begins in Lower School with a focus on fun and basic skills in soccer, basketball, lacrosse, softball, track and field, dance, and many other sports. Developmental after school teams begin in grade 5 and carry through grade 8. Mentoring and fun are key aspects of our developmental programs, which focus on skills, learning and applying rules, and strategy. Junior Varsity and Varsity teams begin in grade 9. Though sports are not required, 70 percent of Ellis Middle and Upper School students play a team sport, as compared to 40 percent nationally for girls at coed schools, according to the Women’s Sports Foundation. 

Scholar-athletes at every ability level are encouraged to set goals and challenge themselves. Opportunities abound for girls to lead and to learn who they are as individuals and as a teammate. All Upper School students who compete on travel teams are released from physical education classes. Athletics are valued at Ellis: Upper School scholar-athletes receive a grade and comment for every sport in which they compete. Grades are not about winning and losing but take into consideration individual improvement, attendance, participation, and sportsmanship.

Preparing girls to compete in college. Ellis helps students develop a practical understanding of how collegiate athletics and scholarships work. We help them develop a pathway toward competing on the various divisional collegiate levels. We provide a framework for understanding the financial opportunity and academic and athletic commitment needed to qualify for Division I, II, and III participation. We also work closely with our College Counseling office to help girls find the right fit as collegiate scholar-athletes.