Middle School

Michelle Rust, Head of the Middle School

The Ellis Middle School offers girls in grades 5 to 8 a warm, supportive, and joyful community in which to grow academically, creatively, socially, and physically. Our all-girls environment provides every student with opportunities to develop her passion for learning and participate fully in every aspect of Middle School life.

The high faculty-to-student ratio allows teachers to get to know every girl well. Our teachers guide the education of each student, offering individualized acceleration and support so that every girl reaches her full potential. Our strong academic tradition combined with innovative practice equips every girl with the confidence and competence to question, to collaborate, to take risks. Our 1:1 device program teaches students to conduct research while learning to manage information technology in a responsible manner. Girls are not just taught to measure and memorize; through project-based learning they learn to collaborate in teams, critically analyze information, and structure an argument.

Through our electives we offer choices and scaffold those offerings so that girls learn time management and prioritization skills. Each student is encouraged to develop her leadership abilities in class, in clubs, in the arts, and on the field. In our advisory program, we provide guidance in managing friendships, making healthy choices, and developing self-advocacy skills. The integration of service learning, interdisciplinary projects, and class trips into the curriculum at each grade level teaches our students a sense of social responsibility and exposes them to different perspectives. Our culture fosters respect and inclusion, and we teach our girls to model integrity and honesty.

Laughter resounds in our classrooms and hallways. Learning is active and engaging and classroom discussions are lively and creative. We are committed to encouraging each and every Middle School girl to find her own strong voice and to grow in independence and resiliency.

During this transformative time, foundations are laid to foster the wisdom and courage to shape the future. Teachers encourage academic risks and new experiences. Our environment builds confidence and strengthens every girl's ability to learn. Girls emerge from adolescence with a greater sense of the world and their place in it.

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