Middle School Students Battle It Out Over Book Trivia Knowledge

At its core, Battle of the Books is a book club for Ellis students in grades 5–8. Over the course of a few months, teams of students read three books that were picked from a selection that the girls voted on. During the months of November–March, the teams meet with Grade 5 Teacher Amy Sidari and Ellis Parent Tara McElfresh to review the book they read together as a group.
In early March a group of 20 students split into teams gathered for a Book Battle! The teams raced against the 45 minute time limit to answer up to 120 questions from the three books they read. They were awarded points based on their answers. Once they were in place, team members raced to a preassigned judge and were verbally given a question about a book. The student could either answer the question on the spot correctly for four points or go back to their team for support to get the correct answer for two points. The team that finished all of the questions first (before time runs out) received bonus points.

The winning team received a small prize and most importantly the satisfaction of knowing they were able to answer all of the questions about the books that they read. Every student that participated in the Book Battle received a book and celebrated with a group pizza lunch.