Make Your Gift to The Ellis Fund

The Ellis Fund

The Ellis Fund is Ellis’ annual fund that goes toward the School’s current-year operating expenses. Ellis Fund gifts make up the difference between what tuition covers and the actual cost of running the School. Such gifts are unrestricted, meaning donors allow the School to spend them on whatever it deems necessary.

Other Ways to Give to the Ellis Fund

List of 3 items.

  • Check

    Please make checks payable to "The Ellis School". You may send your gift to: The Ellis School, Development Office, 6425 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
  • Gifts of Securities

    The Development Office will provide stock transfer instructions upon request. All gifts of stock are sold immediately upon receipt. For more information, please call 412-661-6796.
  • Gifts-in-Kind

    Gifts-in-Kind are accepted when pre-approved through the Development Office. For more information, please call 412-661-6796.
  1. 100
  2. 90
  3. 80
  4. 70
  5. 60
  6. 50
  7. 40
  8. 30
  9. 20
  10. 10
  11. 0
Goal $610,000.00
Current $430,668.00
Remaining $179,332.00

Other Ways to Support Ellis

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  • Endowed gifts

    An endowment fund is a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding for The Ellis School. When you specify that you intend for your gift to be endowed, the principal amount of your gift will be invested and the investment income will be used for the ongoing support of Ellis. Earnings in excess of the distribution are used to build the endowment’s market value.

    If your gift is in the amount of $150,000 or more, you may create your own named endowed fund. In this way, an endowment fund can grow and provide support for its designated purpose in perpetuity. When you establish an endowment fund, you create a permanent legacy of support for Ellis.

    If you would like to make an endowed gift but your gift is less than $150,000 or you do not wish to create your own separate endowed fund, the School will invest your gift with the rest of the School’s general endowment.
  • Matching Gifts

    If you work for a company that matches gifts to schools, your contribution to The Ellis School may be doubled. Fill out paperwork through your HR Department and mail to: The Ellis School, Development Office, 6425 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
  • Capital Projects

    In addition to Ellis’ ongoing fundraising initiatives, we often develop special projects to enhance our campus and the student experience. Capital gifts have the ability to create powerful and essential opportunities for both the students and faculty members during their time on campus. Capital gifts not only fund brick and mortar projects, but can also support scholarships; endowments; visiting scholars, speakers, and artists; travel grants; professional development, and more.

    Please share your interest in supporting a special project with the Development Office at 412-661-6796.

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  • Planned Giving

    In 1916, Sarah Frazer Ellis established "not a large school but a sound and thorough one" to prepare young women for “the rigorous admission requirements of the Eastern women's colleges.” During the 100 years that have passed since the school’s founding, The Ellis School’s mission has evolved beyond just preparing our graduates for college. Today, The Ellis School prepares, empowers, and inspires women to take on the world. Just as The Ellis School’s founding in 1916 laid the groundwork for today’s achievements, support of dedicated donors who plan for Ellis through their estates ensures tomorrow’s continued success. Thank you for your interest in how your gift plans can benefit you and The Ellis School by establishing a lasting legacy through charitable contributions. There are many ways to extend your support of The Ellis School and to make a lasting impact on the many generations of Ellis girls who will follow in your footsteps.

    The Ellisian Society was created to recognize and thank those whose thoughtful planning will benefit future generations of students, faculty, facilities, and/or programs at The Ellis School. To learn more about this special group of supporters, or to let us know of your charitable plans, please contact the Development Office at 412-661-6796.
    Ways to Give

    Gifts by Will or Living Trust through a Bequest
    A charitable gift from your estate is a favored method of giving that enables you to achieve your financial goals and benefit The Ellis School. No other planned gift is as simple to implement or as easy to change should you wish to do so during your lifetime.
    Types of Bequests:
    • Unrestricted: This type of gift is a gift that The Ellis School may use for its general purposes and is very useful because it allows for flexibility to put the gift to the best possible use at the time Ellis receives it.
    • Restricted:  A restricted gift is given to Ellis with instructions for a specific purpose, such as support for financial aid or curricula/programming that is important to you. Please consult with the Development Office prior to establishing your restrictions to ensure that Ellis is able to carry out your wishes.
    • Endowed:  When you specify that you intend for your gift to be endowed, the principal amount of your gift will be invested and the investment income will be used for the ongoing support of Ellis. If your gift is in the amount of $150,000 or more, you may create your own named endowed fund. If you would like to make an endowed gift but your gift is less than $150,000 or you do not wish to create your own separate endowed fund, the School will invest your gift with the rest of the School’s general endowment. By adding to the endowment, your funds can grow over time. This approach assures that your gift will continue to benefit Ellis long after you are gone.  An endowed bequest can be restricted or unrestricted.
    Bequest Language for Donors
    The following is intended to assist you and your attorney in drafting a bequest that meets your individual interests.  As you consult your attorney on the selection of appropriate wording to reflect your own goals and intentions regarding The Ellis School, be sure the School's correct legal name appears in all final documents as:
    "I give to The Ellis School, a nonprofit corporation currently located at 6425 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206, or its successor thereto, ______________* [written amount or percentage of the estate or description of property] for its unrestricted use and/or specific purpose."
    To let us know that you have included The Ellis School in your estate plan, please complete a Gift Confirmation Form so we can recognize and thank you as a member of the Ellisian Society.  

    Distribution from an IRA

    If you are 70½ years old or older, you can take advantage of a simple way to benefit The Ellis School and receive tax benefits in return. You can give up to $100,000 from your IRA directly to a qualified charity such as ours without having to pay income taxes on the money. One of the key benefits of the direct charitable contribution from your IRA is that the distribution counts towards your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). You can contribute more than your RMD to charity as long as you do not exceed $100,000 in a calendar year.

    This law no longer has an expiration date so you are free to make annual gifts to our organization this year and well into the future.

    Designating a beneficiary

    A beneficiary designation is one of the simplest ways to make a gift to The Ellis School. This type of gift requires the single act of filling out a form. You can specify the individuals and charities you want to support and you can also specify the percentage of the assets you want each beneficiary to receive.
    Beneficiary designations are available when giving the following assets:
    • Retirement Assets: An alternative to a bequest gift is to designate The Ellis School as the beneficiary of any one or more of your retirement assets. This gift is simple because you can control the transfer of these assets at your death without changing your will or living trust. All you need to do is request (and complete) a new beneficiary designation form from your plan administrator. There is no need to modify your will or living trust.
    • Life Insurance: Life Insurance policies may also be used to make a gift to Ellis. You can arrange this type of gift by submitting to the insurance company a form designating that The Ellis School receives all or a portion of the death benefits associated with your life insurance policy. As an alternative to naming Ellis as the beneficiary, you can transfer ownership of the policy. Transferring ownership results in an immediate income tax charitable deduction and potential income tax savings in the year of the gift.
    The Ellis School does not provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. This language has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal, or accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal, and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.
  • Corporate Giving through EITC and OSTC

    It is not often you get the opportunity to tell the government how to spend your tax dollars. The Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC) programs allow eligible Pennsylvania businesses to do just that. These programs, administered by the Department of Community and Economic Development, provide millions of dollars in tax credits to eligible companies that contribute to qualified Scholarship Organizations, such as The Ellis School.

    Entities eligible to apply for EITC & OSTC are operating businesses authorized to do business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that are subject to one or more of the following taxes: Corporate Net Income Tax, Capital Stock Franchise Tax, Bank and Trust Company Shares Tax, Title Insurance Companies Shares Tax, Insurance Premiums Tax, Mutual Thrift Institutions Tax; or Personal Income Tax of S corporation shareholders or Partnership partners.

    Please contact the Development Office at 412-661-6796 to learn more about EITC & OSTC.

2017-2018 Giving Impact

List of 8 items.

  • 1,439

    Total Gifts
  • 39%

    Increase in Grandparent Giving
  • $652,774

  • 131

    Students Received Need-based Financial Aid
  • 98%

    of Employees Gave
  • $40,000

    Dispersed by the Ellis Parent Association
  • $30,000

    Increase in Alumnae Giving
  • 60%

    of Parents Gave

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 10 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the Ellis Fund?

    1. The Ellis Fund is Ellis’ annual fund. It is comprised of hundreds of unrestricted gifts that help offset Ellis’ yearly operating expenses.
    2. Gifts to the Ellis Fund support:
      • Financial aid
      • Classroom equipment and resource
      • Athletic equipment
      • Assemblies and guest speakers
      • Field trips
      • Books and new materials for the library
      • Faculty salaries
      • Operating expenses
    Tuition, fees, and endowment income provide the greatest portion of the annual operating budget, but gifts to the Ellis Fund make up the difference between these sources of revenue and the actual costs of operating the School. By providing unrestricted support for the annual operating budget, Ellis Fund gifts reach every corner of the campus, enriching the academic, athletic, fine arts, and co-curricular programs at Ellis.
  • I already pay tuition, why am I being asked to contribute?

    The Ellis School is a nonprofit and thus must raise funds each year to ensure the quality education that all Ellis girls receive. In fact, tuition only covers about 75 percent of the cost of each Ellis student’s education. Tuition, fees, and the endowment cover the majority of the cost and the Ellis Fund makes up the rest.
  • I can't make a large donation—do small donations matter?

    • Yes! Making a donation is a personal decision and it is important that you understand why a gift of any size will make a difference to Ellis. As any math teacher knows, numbers add up and so do dollars. A small gift from everyone in the Ellis Community can become a truly significant number, a number that ultimately allows for the remarkable educational experience provided at Ellis. 
    • Also, participation matters! When Ellis speaks with foundations and donors, they want to know how many parents, alumnae, parents of alumnae, faculty, and staff support the Ellis Fund. A higher participation rate indicates a healthy and supportive community, which positions Ellis to receive large gifts.
  • What’s the difference between a gift to the Ellis Fund and a gift to the endowment?

    Gifts to the Ellis Fund specifically address the yearly operating expenses that are incurred while running the School and are built into the budget on a yearly basis. The Ellis endowment is our savings and investment account which reflects the financial stability of the school. The policy of the Board of Trustees is to spend only 5.25 percent of the endowment’s value based on a three-year rolling average.
  • Can I have my gift matched?

    Yes! Ellis benefits from many matching gift programs. If you or your spouse work for a matching gift company, please request a matching gift form from your company’s Human Resources department and enclose it with your gift. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Development Office at 412-661-6796 or
  • Why does giving to Ellis matter?

    Your gift, no matter the size, is priceless. A gift to Ellis demonstrates that you care and are committed to the Ellis community. Whether you are an alumna, parent, or friend, giving to Ellis shows that you support and care about Ellis’ mission. Gifts to The Ellis School help to ensure that Ellis remains a school where girls take risks, chase their dreams, and achieve their full potential.
  • Can I designate where I want my Ellis Fund donation to go?

    Yes! Gifts to the Ellis Fund can be designated to athletics, arts, financial aid, faculty salaries, facilities, and general operational costs. Your gift can truly impact the entire Ellis Community
  • Can I support specific programming and/or other areas that interest me?

    If there are more specific programs or areas that you are interested in supporting, please reach out to the Development Office. We’re always interested to work with individuals, groups, and foundations to ensure a gift makes an impact, both for Ellis students and the donor. Recent specially designated gifts have gone toward developing a summer series of faculty workshops, attendance at the Student Diversity Leadership Conference, and endowed scholarship and faculty development funds.
  • Can I include Ellis in my estate plans?

    Yes! We provide additional information on planned giving here. (link) . Please also reach out to the Development Office at 412-661-6796 or to discuss how you can create your legacy at Ellis.
  • Can I support Ellis by volunteering?

    Yes, we are always looking for dedicated volunteers to encourage giving from their fellow peers. If you are interested in volunteering with the Ellis Development Office, please reach out and we’ll discuss how to get you involved!

Meet Our Team

Carly Reed Carstens '02

Director of Development and Alumnae Engagement

The Development and Alumnae Engagement Office supports the mission of The Ellis School by building meaningful relationships with our entire community, including alumnae, parents, grandparents, and friends.

A gift to The Ellis School, be it time, energy, or money, makes a direct impact on every student at Ellis and is an investment in the future as we educate the next generation of female changemakers and leaders.

List of 3 members.

2017–2018 Donor Report

In the following lists, you will read the names of the people who contributed to a strong tradition of philanthropy by making gifts to The Ellis School between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018. It is our pleasure to share with you these incredibly supportive community members. Thank you to all who hold up Ellis with your time, talent, and generosity.

Ellis Giving Societies

List of 5 items.

  • 1916 Founder's Society ($25,000+)

    Janet EDWARDS Anti '68
    Patricia GRABLE Burke '46
    The Burke Foundations Partnership
    Anita Courcoulas & Ira Gumberg
    Macon & Peter Finley
    Shanan GUINN '93
    John R. McCune Charitable Trust
    The Pittsburgh Foundation
    UPMC Health Plan
  • Head of School Society ($10,000–$24,999)

    Audrey Hillman Fisher Foundation
    The Barensfeld Family
    Beth's Barricades
    Susan Berman Kress & Douglas Kress
    The Double Eagle Foundation
    B. Jean Ferketish & David Thomas
    Fownes Family Fund
    Catherine & Michael Haggerty
    Henry John Simonds Foundation
    Heritage Community Initiatives
    James M. & Lucy K. Schoonmaker Foundation
    Marcena WATERMAN Love '56
    Blair E. Merkel
    Susan SCHMACHER Morris '62 & James Morris
    Northwest Savings Bank
    Elizabeth & Douglas Nury
    Carol OSTROW '73
    Kathleen OLIVER Parker '43*
    Charles M. Porter, LLC
    Margot COPELAND Pyle '52
    Kimberly Roberts & Stanley Ference
    Barbara AARON Rosston '80
    Michelle & R. Mark Rust
    The Rust Foundation
    Colleen DAILY Simonds '95 & Henry J. Simonds
    Hilary Tyson & Charles Porter
    UHS of Pennsylvania, Inc.
    VWR Charitable Foundation
  • Arbuthnot Society ($5,000–$9,999)

    BP Corporation North America, Inc.
    BP Foundation, Inc.
    DSF Charitable Foundation
    Elsie H. Hillman Foundation
    First Commonwealth Bank
    Dawn & Chris Fleischner
    Elsie & George Geiser
    Sally FLANNERY Hardon '55 & Clayton T. Hardon
    The Heinz Endowments
    The Hillman Company
    Juliet Lea Hillman Simonds Foundation
    Frank Kim
    Eileen HALPERN Lane '64 & Nicholas Lane
    Lou KOTLER Levine '66
    Lilah Hilliard Fisher Foundation
    Courtney & Chip Muse
    PA Partners for Education, LLC
    Sally RIAL Phelps '58
    Philadelphia Insurance Companies
    Sara DEUTSCH Scaife '89
    Carrie LEVINE Schiff '83
    Juliet Lea HILLMAN Simonds '65
    Simpson & McCrady LLC
    Nellie Lou JAFFE Slagle '55
    Susan GILBERT Tabor '70 & Mark Tabor
    Ritu Thamman & Andrew Watson
    Rebecca Upham & Will Viner
    Hannah BRUSH Van Horn '57 & Neil Van Horn
  • Fifth Avenue Society ($2,500–$4,999)

    Allegheny Mineral Corporation
    Susan & David Brownlee
    Carly REED Carstens '02 & Liam Carstens
    Michelina Fato & Carl Snyderman
    Leslie & Hans Fleischner
    Elizabeth HAMMER Genter '77 & David Genter
    Allison & Clark McGeary
    Fritz & Jim Mitnick
    Kathleen McMORRAN Murray '70
    PNC Financial Services Corporation
    Beth Prairie & Todd Underwood
    Cary & Richard Reed
    Jeri & William Simon
    Anica REED Smith '61 & David Smith
    Rose & Bill Strickland
    Bayh SULLIVAN '02 & Matt Pekar
    Lauren & Arthur Ward
    Ora & James Weisz
    Jordan ZAPPALA '99
  • Kentucky Avenue Society ($1,000–$2,499)

    Claire AKERS '15
    Elizabeth SUCCOP Altman '70 & Charles Altman
    Bernadette & Richard Ardemagni
    Linda WASHINGTON Armstrong '80
    Lachelle & Andrew Arnt
    Aspire Pediatric Therapy
    Carole Bailey & Andrew Stewart
    Erin Beck & Gregory Roscoe
    Susan Belville & Lawrence Wood
    The Benevity Community Impact Fund
    Constance BROWN Berkley '44
    Alessandro Bisello
    Jen Boughner
    Kathy & Jim Braham
    Alice REED Buchanan '39
    Sarah ALTMAN Bumsted 95
    Judith COHEN Callomon '54
    Lesley Carlin McElhattan & Josh McElhattan
    Cat MELLON Cathey '85
    Connie & Don Coffelt
    Margaret MATHIESON Conver '73 & David Conver
    Carmela & Matthew Di&reth
    Anne BECKER Egbert '49
    Debra Elkins & Daniel Miller
    Vikki NIMICK Enright '83
    Jean DAVIS Falk '56
    Lucy FATO '84
    Blythe SANFORD Fawcett '97
    Linda CRAWFORD Fisher '70
    Nancy CONEY Forhan '80
    Mary Louise & Henry Gailliot
    Cindy & Murry Gerber
    Cynthia & Mark Goodman
    Mary H. Grant
    Nina FISHER Hamilton '97
    Diana DREW Harbison '70
    Ginnae HARLEY '88
    Sandy GLOCK Harrington '64
    Loraima & Roy Harvey
    Barbara & David Heitzenroder
    Henderson Brothers
    Gwendolyn Huntoon & Amro El-Jaroudi
    Kristin & Richard Kalson
    Usha Rani Karumudi & Gopala Amarnath Ramineni
    Stefi Kirschner & Gilbert Schneider
    Sarah & Lars Kuehn
    Lee WHITEHILL Landes '62
    Lauren & Steve Laschon
    Courtney LOCKHART '93
    Elisa & Michael Lucke
    Jenny RYAN Machak '72
    Darcy FRANK Mackay '85
    Susan J. McGuinn
    Metz Culinary Management
    Medico Consulting LLC
    Diane Meyers & Thomas Poerio
    Michelle BRUNO Miller '98
    Amy SUCCOP Millin '87
    Bonnie McKNIGHT Murphy '67
    Rona Nesbit
    Marni & Jonathan Pastor
    Marisa PORTER '05
    Gillian PORTER '09
    Lisa Porter & Robert Davis
    Richard King Mellon Foundation
    Elizabeth & Mike Riordan
    Vicki & Damian Rispoli
    Abby SMITH Rumsey '70
    Shirley & Murray Rust
    Ann KILCHENSTEIN Scharpf '79
    Heather GREEN Skurek '01
    Susan BERGER Smerd '57 & Peter G. Smerd
    janera solomon & Jeremy Resnick
    Carrie Sparks & Christopher Palmer
    Patricia DOOLITTLE Staley '62
    Stacy & Robert Stanton
    Susan STEVICK '64
    Cynthia STRAUSS '72
    Barbara SCHEETZ Todd '54
    Kathryn VREELAND '02
    Waste Management
    Nancy Watson
    Jenny & Ryan Will
    Louise Kay CHILDS Woodside '87 & Nevin Woodside
    Stanley E. & Darlene K. Zin

Ellis Community Donors

List of 6 items.

  • Employees

    Anne Marie Adler
    Becky Amis
    Kris Arnoni
    Kelly Basil
    George Bawks
    Adam Bisno
    Jen Boughner
    Karen Boyer
    Leah Brennan
    Sara Brooke
    Janice Burgett
    Carly REED Carstens '02
    Tara Catone
    Sarah Ceurvorst
    Lisa Citron
    Karen Compton
    Michelle Cook
    Susan Corbesero
    Rick Cottrell
    Pat Crosby
    Lou D'Abruzzo
    Helen Daley
    Rachael Deiner
    Natalie Dixon Bell
    Ashley Dotson
    Patrick Fägersten
    Juliette Farrell
    Chris Fiano
    Macon Finley
    Susan Freudenberg
    Jack Gaddess
    Terry Geese
    Katy Gess
    Besty Gianakas
    Regan Gibney
    Thomas Gill
    Kelly Gleason
    Liza Goldstein
    Liz Gray
    Jessie Hainesworth
    Keith Bryner
    Edie Hazlett
    Elisa Hill
    Erica Holtgraver
    Tim Howard
    Diana Hurd
    Tim Israel
    Sharon Jackson
    Patty Jones
    Marie Kanz
    Janemary Karuga
    Gina Kilpela
    Alyssa TREMPUS Kinney '07
    Cheryl Kotowski
    Carol Krescanko
    Brian Drugle
    Deborah Kuchta
    Jenn Lakin
    Cara LaRoche
    Denise LaRosa
    Amy MacKAY Larsen '95
    Lauren Laschon
    Beth Leu
    Michele Lombardi
    Caroline Lynett
    Camille Mackey
    Lynette MacLeod
    Rick Malmstrom
    Liz Martini
    Bonnie McConnell
    Brooke McLane-Higginson
    Matt McTeague
    Kim Mechling
    Margaret Melber
    Jean Mercier
    Karin Miller
    Stephen (Mitch) Mitchell
    Belle Moldovan
    Jessica Nolan
    Petra Obley
    Patti Persun
    Molly Petrilli
    Jackie Prepelka
    Sam Rauhala
    Diane Reckless
    Anna Redcay
    Amy Rigsby
    April Roberson
    Shannon Rohr
    Michelle Rust
    Shayla Scott
    Emily Scott
    Amy Sidari
    Jeri Simon
    Amye Sledge
    Ceil Sturdevant
    Sara Sturdevant
    Bayh SULLIVAN '02
    Whitney OKONAK Sunday '98
    Joel Svensson
    Leah Thompson
    Kristy Tomashewski
    Linda Tonetti Dugan
    Kassie Wadsworth
    Rick Walker
    Terri Wilson
    Ciera Young
  • Ellisian Society

    The Ellisian Society recognizes individuals who have provided for the future financial strength of Ellis through planned giving vehicles such as their will or living trust through a bequest, a distribution from an IRA, or a designation from their retirement assets and/or life insurance policies.
    Anonymous (3)
    Alice SNODGRASS Beckwith '49*
    Dorothy BRADLEY Brown*
    Alice REED Buchanan '39 & Gibson Buchanan*
    Judith COHEN Callomon '54
    Anita Courcoulas & Ira Gumberg
    Ann Cutter*
    Margaret BREWER Dowler '33*
    Linda CRAWFORD Fisher '70 & Benjamin Fisher*
    Fred W. George*
    Jacquelyn Gregory-Rauzan & Charles Rauzan
    Julia HOWARD Grimstad '57
    Sandy GLOCK Harrington '64
    Suzanne PROPST Honeycutt '67
    Kelly BREEN Hunt '92
    Janet Jacobs*
    Jane & Lee Klingenberg
    Eileen HALPERN Lane '64 & Nicholas Lane
    Susan SCHEINMAN Leonard '64
    Blythe JONES Lyons '73
    Mary Louise HEIDENKAMP Magnus '41
    Mary KINTER McEldowney '37*
    Kathleen OLIVER Parker '43*
    April EILER Pinney '60
    Jennifer RODMAN Dawson Purdom '60
    Christine HEITZENRODER Quillian '91
    Elizabeth Reese*
    Letitia RIECK '43*
    Eleanor B. Scheetz*
    Carolyn SHI '97
    Joan DODDS Shrader '32*
    Anica REED Smith '61 & David Smith
    Mary Jane SHUMAN Stewart*
    Sylvia & John Van Jura
    Sarah KING Wilmer '58*
  • Sponsorships

    Claire AKERS '15
    Aspire Pediatric Therapy
    First Commonwealth Bank
    Henderson Brothers
    Kristin & Rick Kalson
    Medico Consulting LLC
    Metz Culinary Management
    PNC Financial Services Corporation
    Simpson & McCrady LLC
    Thomas Insurance Services, Inc.
    UPMC Health Plan
  • EITC

    Allegheny Mineral Corporation
    Beth's Barricades
    Charles M. Porter LLC
    First Capital Corporation, Inc.
    First Commonwealth Bank
    Heritage Community Initiatives
    Philadelphia Insurance Companies
    Simpson & McCrady LLC
    UHS of Pennsylvania, Inc.
    UPMC Health Plan
    Waste Management
  • OSTC

    Northwest Savings Bank
    PA Partners for Education, LLC
    UPMC Health Plan
  • Foundations

    Audrey Hillman Fisher Foundation
    Bartlett Foundation
    BNY Mellon Community Partnership
    The Burke Foundations Partnership
    The Double Eagle Foundation
    DSF Charitable Foundation
    Elsie H. Hillman Foundation
    The Florence Boyer Foundation
    The Heinz Endowments
    Henry John Simonds Foundation
    Hudson Community Foundation
    James M. & Lucy K. Schoonmaker Foundation
    John R. McCune Charitable Trust
    Juliet Lea Hillman Simonds Foundation
    Kaufman Foundation
    Lilah Hilliard Fisher Foundation
    The Muse Foundation
    The Pittsburgh Foundation
    PPG Industries Foundation
    Richard King Mellon Foundation
    The Rust Foundation
    VWR Charitable Foundation

Ellis Parent Donors By Class Year

List of 17 items.

  • 2018

    Annette Banks & Curtis Meyer
    Alison Barth & Wayne Wu
    Christine & Brian Beattie
    Alessandro Bisello
    Bear Brandegee & Nir Kossovsky
    Gretchen & Miguel Busquets
    Esther Elishaev & Michael Boyiadzis
    Lisa Frankovitch & Geraldine Ginter
    Linda & Andrew Hartman
    Lisa & Paul Hummert
    Beth Kissileff & H. Jonathan Perlman
    Leonora & Joshua Kivuva
    Kathi & Dan Scheuermann
    Jeri & William Simon
    Sharmila Nanda & Nanda Surendra
    Lauren & Arthur Ward
    Ora & James Weisz
    Katherine & Douglas Wolfe
  • 2019

    Miwako & Shigeru Amemiya
    Susan Ballengee
    Anette Chiange & Eric Hsiung
    Johanna & Chad Collins
    Ava DeMarco & Robert Brandegee
    Douglas Ewers
    Michelina Fato & Carl Snyderman
    Lisa Herring & Whitney Finnstrom
    Kelly & Nathan Iverson
    Emily Jaffe & Adam Leibovich
    Steffanie & Michael Jasper
    Karen & Bayard Johnson
    Frank Kim
    Sarah Larkin & Jason Rosenstock
    Kim & Ken Mechling
    Susan Petersen & Stefan Frembgen
    Lisa Porter & Robert Davis
    Renee Ranier
    Kimberly Roberts & Stanley Ference
    Michelle & Mark Rust
    Nyra & Jesse Schell
    Karen Schoedel & Nobuyuki Ohori
    Michelle & Joesph Shanley
    Rose & Bill Strickland
    Chanceley & Christopher Wilson
    Adey Yilma
  • 2020

    Rajeeta & Raveen Bazaz
    Susan Belville & Lawrence Wood
    Christa & Jonathan Brown
    Daniela & Dennis Bruemmer
    Dawn & Chris Fleischner
    Lisa Frankovitch & Geraldine Ginter
    Hallie & Jack Gaddess
    Judy & Paul Graf
    Susan Gunby
    Lisa & Jeff Krackow
    Gretchen & Charles Krimmel
    Teri & Rick Malmstrom
    Danya & Scott Matthews
    Kate & Ira Rothstein
    Amye & Christopher Sledge
    Holly & Thomas Trimbur
    Sabine von Dirke & Carl Hill
    Katherine and Douglas Wolfe
    Haniza Yaacob-Ritz & Charles Ritz
  • 2021

    Laura & Paul Baker
    Kathleen & J. S. Barge
    Connie & Don Coffelt
    Johanna & Chad Collins
    Sandra Chrichlow
    Mary Jane & Vittorio Geminetti
    Lawrence Grone
    Loraima & Roy Harvey
    Jennifer & Larry Honig
    Tecla & Giulio Zuccoli
    Emily Jaffe & Adam Leibovich
    Steffanie & Michael Jasper
    Kathleen Kennedy
    Tare & Denzil Kentembe
    Kristina Kloss & Annmarie Duggan
    Christianna Kreiss & Ravi Ramani
    Jane Liebschutz & Roger Zimmerman
    Randall Lightner
    Julie & T.H. Lyda
    Heather Martin
    Quynh & Michael McGuire
    Diane Meyers & Thomas Poerio
    Lisa Michel & John Rushford
    Barbara Milch & Etty Reut
    Maureen & John Perelman
    Michelle & Mark Rust
    Jennifer & David Silk
    Jeri & William Simon
    Alexis & Melvin Steals
    Jennifer & Stephen Stein
    Louise Kay & Nevin Woodside
  • 2022

    Susan Allison & Patrick Koeppl
    Laura Barbulescu & L. Gabriel Somlo
    Alison Barth & Wayne Wu
    Erin Beck & Gregory Roscoe
    Daphne Belen-Cordero
    Ruby & Rohit Bhargava
    Lori Brenner
    Lesley Carlin & Josh McElhattan
    Jeanne & Joseph Cirilano
    Barbara & George Davison
    Carmela & Matthew DiAndreth
    Mamar Gelaye
    Kristin & Rick Kalson
    Beth Kissileff & H. Jonathan Perlman
    Jennifer LaClair-Pieri & Joseph Pieri
    Sarah Larkin & Jason Rosenstock
    Michelle Logan
    Julie & T.H. Lyda
    Margaux & Michael Malandra
    Melisa & William McNabb
    Blair Merkel
    Sandeep & Sunaina Nangia
    Victoria & Damian Rispoli
    Zhongxin Sun
    Mayela & Shawn Taylor
    Helen & James Trent
    Ritu Thamman & Andrew Watson
    Leslie Watson
    Lauren Wilson & Stephanie Burrows
    Devon Wood & Ian Winter
  • 2023

    Lisa & Steven Anderson
    Carole Bailey & Andrew Stewart
    Amy & Michael Bernstein
    Christa & Jonathan Brown
    Katy & David Caliguiri
    Patrick Fägersten & Ellen Gawalt
    Hallie & Jack Gaddess
    Catherine & Michael Haggerty
    Loraima & Roy Harvey
    Jennifer & Larry Honig
    Usha Rani Karumudi & Gopala Amarnath Ramineni
    Lizabeth & Noël Kennard
    Sharon Kim & Alan Pretter
    Gretchen & Charles Krimmel
    Julia Laurin & Jonathan Woon
    Tina & Volker Musahl
    Elizabeth & Douglas Nury
    Beth Prairie & Todd Underwood
    Victoria Rhoades Carraro & Alvaro Carraro
    Jennifer & Stephen Stein
  • 2024

    Elizabeth Arkush & Kwame Burroughs
    Lynn Cabral & Evan Adelstein
    Debra Elkins & Daniel Miller
    Christina Fong-Sandholm & Tuomas Sandholm
    Susan & Joseph Freudenberg
    Besty & Charles Gianakis
    Sharon Kim & Alan Pretter
    Rachel Kranson & James Forrest
    Lisa & John Kristian
    Jennifer LaClair-Pieri & Joseph Pieri
    Cara & Robert LaRoche
    Amy & John Larsen
    Mara & David Light
    Tara & Patrick McElfresh
    Molly Northrup Bloom & Joshua Bloom
    Maureen & John Perelman
    Deborah Vereen
    Elizabeth Wang & Joshua Bloom
    Louise Kay & Nevin Woodside
    Toby Yanowitz & Darrell Rapp
  • 2025

    Marian & Roy Aguiar
    Anita Courcoulas & Ira Gumberg
    Pinar & Tansev Geylani
    Kristen & John Hohm
    Morgen Kelly & Chadd Nesbit
    Gretchen & Charles Krimmel
    Amanda & Adrian Mahoney
    Allison & Clark McGeary
    Susan McGuinn
    Susan & William Mocker III
    Pamela Nowlin-Suber & Dontae Suber
    Susan & Kelechi Oleka
    Beth Prairie & Todd Underwood
    Amye & Christopher Sledge
    Anat Talmy & Oren Dobzinkski
    Ivona Vasile Pandrea & Cristian Apetrei
  • 2026

    Lachelle & Andrew Arnt
    Alessandro Bisello
    Christina Fong-Sandholm & Tuomas Sandholm
    Hallie & Jack Gaddess
    Poupak Haghighi & Hamid Akbarian
    Ava Kilgore
    Jennifer LaClair-Pieri & Joseph Pieri
    Allyson & Jacob Larkin
    Jaclyn Moldovan
    Jessica & Michael Morowitz
    Miriam & Todd Moules
    Tina & Volker Musahl
    Jessica & Jason Nolan
    Elizabeth & Mike Riordan
  • 2027

    William Aven
    Sarah Bumsted
    Jacquelyn Correll & Shane Shaneman
    Nicole & James Craig
    Jeff Davidek
    Seeta Davidek
    Esther Elishaev & Michael Boyiadzis
    Julia Laurin & Jonathan Woon
    Lauren & Darren Lloyd
    Denell McArthur
    Rayna & Brian Mohring
    Izabela & Victor Stanescu
    Maya & Christopher Tuttle
    Jenny & Ryan Will
    Toby Yanowitz & Darrell Rapp
  • 2028

    Lachelle & Andrew Arnt
    Susan Belville & Lawrence Wood
    Elisabeth Bennington & Brad Korinski
    Stephanie Carter & Tyrone Brooks
    Veronica Dristas & Shankar Raman
    Ming Hui Fan & Andrew Merry
    Allison Haley & Keith Bryner
    Blair Merkel
    Emily Metz-Cherne & Bernard Metz
    Tina & Volker Musahl
    Jessica & Jason Nolan
    Anna Redcay & Issac Bower
    Victoria Rhoades Carraro & Alvaro Carraro
    Sarah & Jonathan Rosenson
    Meghan Scaringi
    janera solomon & Jeremy Resnick
    Stacy & Robert Stanton
    Molly Tomasi
    Dan Xin & Lei Jin
    Jennifer & Eric Yajko
  • 2029

    Heather & Urs Batzel
    Sarah Bumsted
    Collyn Evans & Derek Fink
    Denise Fazio & Toby Smith
    Shawnese Fisher
    Andrea & Daniel Jacobowitz
    Marcia Klein Patel & Jayesh Patel
    Sarah & Lars Kuehn
    Lauren & Steve Laschon
    Erin & Euhan Lee
    Amanda & Adrian Mahoney
    Allison & Clark McGeary
    Marni & Jonathan Pastor
    Dana Siler & Anukul Kapoor
    Carrie Sparks & Christopher Palmer
    Mayela & Shawn Taylor
    Jenny & Ryan Will
  • 2030

    Asma Algurafi
    Tamara & Matthew Butler
    Krista & Michael Chambers
    Kristy & Stephen Fairman
    Melanie Gay
    Poupak Haghighi & Hamid Akbarian
    Elizabeth & Seth Janavitz
    Priyanka Jhala & Sameer Sharma
    Laura Kisailus & Rodney Johnson
    Denise & Jason LaRosa
    Fawn Murcray & Brian Gonzalez
  • 2031

    Jenn Betts
    Amelie Bilodeau & Katherine McGinley
    Marla & David Garrod
    Shayla Hawkins
    Melonie Nance & Umamaheswar Duvvuri
    Lisa & Tillman Rushing
  • 2032

    Audra & David Byer
    Katherine & Jonathan Chamberlain
    Jessica & Christopher Frye
    Nina B. Hamilton
    Elaine Musgrave & Michael Wood-Vassey
    Emily Nicholson & Adam Ratana
    Ally & Trevor Okonak
    Jennifer & Jason Somma
    Stephanie & Doug Whaley
  • Past Parents

    Jayne Adair & Basil Cox
    Anne Marie Adler & Chris Martin-Gill
    Elizabeth SUCCOP Altman '70 & Charles Altman
    Susan Amara & Geoffrey Murdoch
    Joan & John Ammer
    Jolene & Bernard Appleman
    Nancy McKAY Armstrong '52 & Henry Armstrong
    Kris & Ronald Arnoni
    Harry Avery
    Judy & Ihsan Awan
    Anne EISAMAN Baker '46
    Wendy & David Barensfeld
    Dalia Belinkoff & Ira Bergman
    Partricia Bellows
    Christine & David Bennett
    Susan Berman Kress & Douglas Kress
    Maria & James Bluestone
    Debra Bogen & Brian Leshko
    Nancy & Daniel Bonga
    Jim & Kathy Braham
    Karen & Richard Brean
    Sara & Ted Brooke
    Susan & David Brownlee
    Alice REED Buchanan '39
    Nancy & Edward Byrnes
    Lauren WOLK Calig '83 & Jeffrey Calig
    Judith COHEN Callomon '54
    Kathleen Catalano
    Lisa Citron & William Slivka
    Jenny & Warren Coax
    Katherine & Robert Concilus
    Aims & Rita Coney
    Valire Copeland
    Alyssa BURRELL Cowan '94 & David Cowan
    Susan Cramer
    Tamara & Clifford Crawford
    Fredrica Cryan
    Pamela & Louis D'Abruzzo
    Paula & Francis Daily
    Mary OATES Davis '83
    Blythe & George Davis
    Sallie de VOU '52
    Nancy BURCHFIELD Denney '47 & Thomas Denney
    Laura & Elliot Dinkin
    Jeanne & Robert Drennan
    Letitia DUFF Dyke '43
    Melinda MOLYNEAUX Edwards '76 & James Edwards
    Constance & James Egan
    Stacey Eisner
    Irene & Demetrius Ellis
    Helena Estes
    Joan Ewart
    Nancy CAMPBELL Fales '57 & Danforth Fales
    Cheryl & Gary Fedder
    Sylvia & Fred Fields
    Elizabeth & Alan Finegold
    Nora & Donald Fischer
    Linda CRAWFORD Fisher '70
    Audrey HILLMAN Fisher '67 & Tim Fisher
    Pamela & Donald Foster
    Isabel & Lee Foster
    Marilyn & Yitzchak Francus
    Darin & Terrill Frantz
    Mary Louise & Henry Gailliot
    Elsie & George Geiser
    Elizabeth HAMMER Genter '77 & David Genter
    Cindy & Murry Gerber
    Morton Goldstein
    Cynthia & Mark Goodman
    Jennifer & Timothy Gordon
    Donald Green
    Marjorie C. Greenberger
    Julia HOWARD Grimstad '57 & Charles Grimstad*
    Nancy EVANS Gruner '47
    Kathleen & Stephen Guinn
    Donna Hansen & Ralph Kemp
    Sally FLANNERY Hardon '55 & Clayton Hardon
    Patricia Hargest
    Eileen Hargreaves
    Gloria & George Harley
    Maralee Harrell & David Danks
    Leslie & Ronald Hartman
    Nancy HAZLETT '69 & R. Stanton Wettick
    Edith & Walter Hazlett
    Barbara & David Heitzenroder
    Constance ELLIS Heppenstall '79 & Mark E. Heppenstall
    Lisa & Timothy Honkala
    Gwendolyn Huntoon & Amro El-Jaroudi
    Adeline Hyland
    Shirley & Lawrence Ireland
    Sharon Jackson
    Patricia Jones
    Suzanne & Edward Karlovich
    Maria & Stephen Kaufman
    Nicole Kelly
    Stefi Kirschner & Gilbert Schneider
    Mary BERGER Knowles '69
    Carmen & James Kossis
    Genevieve Kozusko
    Suzanne HENRY Kraft '61 & F. Gordon Kraft
    Marilyn Kunka
    Eileen HALPERN Lane '64 & Nicholas Lane
    Kristin LaPlace
    Fancine & Thomas Larson
    Cynthia & Terry Lerman
    Beth Leu
    Jing & Chunming Liu
    Katherine & H. Lewis Lobdell
    John Lovelace
    Christine & John Lubimir
    Sherry Malone
    Diane & Craig Markovitz
    Wendy & Peter Mars
    Linda McDougald
    John & Sue McNeil
    Raemona Merchant-Lewis & Terence Lewis
    Valerie & Clayton Merrell
    Penny PORTER Meyer '59
    Mary Jo Miller & Joseph Devine
    Karen & Charles Moellenberg
    Patricia Molano & Jeffrey Skoglind
    Laurin EDSON Moore '79 & Jon N. Moore
    Jane Moravitz
    Susan SCHUMACHER Morris '62 & James Morris
    Maria Moutinho
    Polly FOSTER Mullins '59 & Brian Mullins
    Visala & Satish Muluk
    Brenda & Boyd Murray
    Courtney & Charles Muse
    Kennedy BECKWITH Nelson '73
    Sharon & Richard Nelson
    Patricia & Raymond Nepa
    Tara O'Brien & Gerald Stubenhofer
    Christina & Robert O'Leary
    Petra Obley
    Marilyn Okonak
    Thaddeus Osial
    Carol OSTROW '73
    David Pastrick
    Marlene Paulick
    Juliette & David Peart
    Diane & Alan Perer
    Diane & Dennis Petronko
    Jill & Mark Portland
    Mildred Posvar
    Susan M. Prentiss
    Bonnie & Gerard Rack-Wildner
    Diane Reckless
    Cary & Richard Reed
    Joan & James Reich
    James & Marie Reilly
    Susie GELLATLY Robinson '66 & Joseph G. Robinson
    Jean & Frank Robinson
    Stephanie & William Robinson
    Sabina & Peter Rosenfeld
    Nadine & Edward Rosenthal
    The Honorable Eunice Ross
    Charlotta Ross
    Mary Lou & James Rothbauer
    Margaret SLOAN Runnette '62
    Elizabeth Santos
    Mrs. & Dr. Ruth G. Schachter
    Mikell COOPER Schenck '61 & A. W. Schenck
    Roberta & Jonathan Schwartz
    Eleanor GISHIE Scully '48
    Sally & Lanny Seed
    Nellie Lou JAFFE Slagle '55
    Susan BERGER Smerd '57 & Peter Smerd
    Anica REED Smith '61 & David Smith
    Nancy Smith
    Janell Smith-Jones & Michael R. Jones
    Ellen McCASLIN Srodes '59 & Charles H. Srodes
    Patricia DOOLITTLE Staley '62 & John A. Staley
    Euphemia HARE Steffey '40
    Gilda & Patrick Stock
    Alice & Thomas Stock
    Lucille Sturdevant & Alan Horowitz
    Penny Suwak & Michael Dufalla
    Holly SWARTZ '80 & Steven R. Abo
    Nancy & Harold Swensen
    David Thomas & B. Jean Ferketish
    Gayle Tissue & Yiannis Kaloyeropoulos
    Charlotte & David Toal
    Mary Ellen Trent & Jeffory T. Adams
    Hilary Tyson & Charles Porter
    Mary VAN BUSKIRK '80
    Hannah BRUSH Van Horn '57 & Neil Van Horn
    Bea Vassar
    Sybil Veeder
    Veronica & Dennis Volcheck
    Richard Walters
    Ellen CARROLL Walton '50 & James M. Walton
    Susan Washburn & Matthew Thornton
    Betsy & Charles Watkins
    Lu Wenneker
    Martha & John Wolf
    Barbara & Michael Wollman
    Ursula & Albert Zangrilli
    Stanley E. & Darlene K. Zin
  • Grandparents

    Bonnie & Miller Adams
    Elizabeth SUCCOP ALTMAN '70 & Charles Altman
    Barbara & William Anslow
    Bernadette & Richard Ardemagni
    Ann & Rodney Baker
    Dianne Belville
    Kay EBBERT Bissell '60 & G. W. Bissell
    Carol & Mark Booth
    Jim & Kathy Braham
    Florence Brenner
    Susan & David Brownlee
    Patti & Roy Bumsted
    Jeanne Caliguiri
    Alfreda & Richard Carlson
    Judy & James Christie
    Mary Crosson & Joseph Rocchio
    Mary Joel Davis
    Virginia & John Dickie
    Virginia Evans
    Colleen & James Fagersten
    Audrey & Stephen Fan
    Mary Ann & Frank Fazio
    Helen Ference
    Leslie & Hans Fleischner
    Jane & Gerard Gawalt
    Mimi Goldstein
    Cora & Kenneth Hale
    Florence & Thomas Hursen
    Sandra & Ronald Jaffe
    George James
    Carrie Jasper
    Eleanor Johnson
    James Kaufold
    Nicole Kelly
    Patricia & Harvey Klein
    Patricia & Charles Krimmel
    Lenore Light
    Jim & Melinda Marley
    Mary Kay & Daniel McCann
    Catherine & Elwood Meyers
    Donna & Michael Mullaugh
    Richard Myers
    Liesel & Kevin Nolan
    Marilyn Okonak
    Monica & Walter Ploskon
    Betty & Bud Prairie
    Helene & Paul Pretter
    Betsy & John Radcliffe
    Shirley & Murray Rust
    Cathy Sugarbaker
    Nancy Watson
    David Weil
    Carol Winter
    Kay & Raymond Woon
    Michael Zedek

Memorial and In Honor Gifts

List of 31 items.

Alumnae Donors By Year

List of 76 items.

  • 1939

    Alice REED Buchanan
    Elizabeth LARGE Metz
  • 1940

    Euphemia HARE Steffey
    Jenifer BARBOUR Stewart
  • 1942

    Anne WILSON Baker
    Mary WALTON Curley
  • 1943

    Letitia DUFF Dyke
    Elsie HILLIARD Hillman*
    Kathleen OLIVER Parker*
  • 1944

    Constance BROWN Berkley
    Ruth WICK Manson
  • 1945

    Margaret SWAGLER Haner
    Jean RUFFIN Lilly
    Eleanor LITTLE Roberts
  • 1946

    Anne EISAMAN Baker
    Patricia GRABLE Burke
    Mary OATES Davis
    Emma HODGE Sarosdy
    Joan McSWIGAN Standish
  • 1947

    Nancy BURCHFIELD Denney
    Joan REED Ewart
    Elizabeth REED Furey
    Nancy EVANS Gruner
    Cordelia RUFFIN Richards
  • 1948

    Eleanor FOSTER Scully
  • 1949

    Tina RUTLEDGE Edwards
    Anne BECKER Egbert
    Frances WALTON Moore
    Martha SNOWDON North
    Shirley FOLLANSBEE Reineman
  • 1950

    Carley LEONARD MacDonald
    Ellen CARROLL Walton
  • 1951

    Marion SCULLY Barbee
    Jane CARTER McCance
    Elise RAYMOND Wallace
  • 1952

    Nancy McKAY Armstrong
    Louise FLEGER Bishop
    Rebecca BYERLY Byerly
    Rosemary CASEY Carter
    Sallie de VOU
    Louise MULERT Delafield
    Barbara VAUX Howell
    Margot COPELAND Pyle
  • 1953

    Sylvia COHEN Kaufman
    Anne KYLE Matthews
    Margot BELL Woodwell
  • 1954

    Judith COHEN Callomon
    Marion CLIFFORD
    Jean ARMENTROUT Foley
    Sandy BUTLER Gardner
    Jettie BERGMAN Johnston
    Betsey BEESON Owens
    Nancy JOHNSTON Schmitt
    Barbara SCHEETZ Todd
    Ann REYNOLDS Urban
    Sallie McKEE Warden
  • 1955

    Virginia GANTNER Barnett
    Sally FLANNERY Hardon
    Nellie Lou JAFFE Slagle
  • 1956

    Linda FLEGER Berman
    Barbara FLEMING Butts
    Jean DAVIS Falk
    Marcena WATERMAN Love
    Alice GEALY Morigi
    Augusta LEE Parrington
  • 1957

    Janet MARKS Baton
    Nancy CAMPBELL Fales
    Julia HOWARD Grimstad
    Susan BERGER Smerd
    Hannah BRUSH Van Horn
    Jane FREELAND Williams
  • 1958

    Margaretta CONDERMAN Arnold
    Nancy McQUILLAN Bolanis
    Susan HIGINBOTHAM Holcombe
    Abigail MYERS
    Sally RIAL Phelps
    Carol CAMPBELL Swinston
    Terri McKEE Tumlin
  • 1959

    Mary MEYER Dyer
    Clarissa ERVING Erving
    Lolly BELL Hetherington
    Roslyn SUGERMAN Kurland
    Nancy BOWSER McConky
    Louise PORTER Meyer
    Polly FOSTER Mullins
    Patricia TERRELL Mutolo
    Ellen Jane McCASLIN Srodes
    Linda ROST Whitman
    Carol SCHARFE Widing
    Penelope WILLIAMS
  • 1960

    Kathy HEPPENSTALL Bartlett
    Kay EBBERT Bissell
    Jennifer RODMAN Dawson Purdom
    Lynne PARKHILL Feely
    Nancy GILLIES
    Patricia HAMILTON
    Wendy MYERS Heinz
    April EILER Pinney
    Susan HAAS Prentiss
  • 1961

    Susanne SWIHART Albright
    Suzanne AGNEW Buffum
    Cuppy HENRY Kraft
    Anne RIAL Nicholas
    Mikell COOPER Schenck
    Anica REED Smith
    Kathleen TENER Smith
    Judith WOLINSKY Steinbergh
    Virginia AHLBRANDT Warrick
    Jane KYLE Willock
  • 1962

    Catharine CLARKE Burkett
    Julie CHEEVER
    Laurie BATCHELAR Culbertson
    Frances ROBERTS Davies
    Ann PARKER Demong
    Anne ELLIOTT
    Constance KIESEWETTER Elliott
    Diana DICKEY Joss
    Barbara LIPSITZ Katch
    Marny MORRIS Krause
    Lee WHITEHILL Landes
    Susan SCHUMACHER Morris
    Susan SCHAEFER Pettler
    Margaret SLOAN Runnette
    Katharine REA Schmitt
    Nancy STECK Slade
    Martha VOGT Snyder
    Patricia DOOLITTLE Staley
    Katharine HANNAH Walker
  • 1963

    Melissa A. BARBOUR
    Margaret MARSHALL Carothers
    Sarah FISHER
    Betty WOLF Greenberg
    Suzanne MINER Martin
    Laurie P. RENZ
    Pamela BUTLER Roberts
    Ellen TIM Shields
    Linda MAYER Smith
  • 1964

    Martha ABRAMS Broderick
    Alice MUNSON Davis
    Kristi UDDSTROM Haigh
    Sandy GLOCK Harrington
    Michelle HERWALD
    Margaret STECK Jarboe
    Eileen HALPERN Lane
    Susan SCHEINMAN Leonard
    Punky SCHAEFER Rogér
    Margaret GARVIN Snyder
    Susan STEVICK
    Jane STERN Walmsley
  • 1965

    Pamela PROPST Campbell
    Carolin KIRKPATRICK Dick
    Joan O'NEIL Dugdale
    Annette HANNAH Dunkelman
    Susan DICKEY Gilmore
    Carol EBBERT Hackett
    Mary LAUFMAN Hemphill
    Heidi SUGERMAN Levinson
    Molly RUST Montgomery
    Carol Ann RANSON O'Keefe
    Caran FOLLANSBEE Redington
    Juliet Lea HILLMAN Simonds
    Nancy WANDERER
  • 1966

    Dorothy BOYER
    Lou KOTLER Levine
    Barbara JANES Marks
    Abigail CROW Rich
    Susan GELLATLY Robinson
    Roberta WEISSMAN Samuels
    Lindley HUNTER Scarff
    Gail STEWART Will
  • 1967

    Mary GRUNNAGLE Barlow
    Minnette BICKEL Boesel
    Audrey HILLMAN Fisher
    Suzanne PROPST Honeycutt
    Marguerite HUNSIKER
    Caroline STEWART Lacey
    Pamela MILLER
    Sue Anne STEFFEY Morrow
    Nancy BROWN Moyle
    Bonnie McKNIGHT Murphy
    Diane RHODES
    Emily SAMSON Tepe
    Wendy WOLF
  • 1968

    Janet EDWARDS Anti
    Constance HILLIARD Coyne
    Elizabeth DEVITT James
    Augusta OFF Moravec
  • 1969

    Sandra MILLER Burrows
    Paula MARTIN Coyle
    Dulcie DEVITT
    Nancy HAZLETT
    Mary BERGER Knowles
    Janet MILLER Lawson
    Bet FINEGOLD Parks
    Linda PETERS Pretty
    Meera AGARWAL Thompson
  • 1970

    Elizabeth SUCCOP Altman
    Holly OFF Arnold
    Courtney BABCOCK Borntraeger
    Ann COHEN
    Marguerite CHILDS Detmer
    Linda CRAWFORD Fisher
    Michelle GIRTS
    Dina DREW Harbison
    Kathleen McMORRAN Murray
    Lowrie EBBERT Reiter
    Abby SMITH Rumsey
    Susan GILBERT Tabor
    Katherine MILLER Thomas
    Diane KAUFMANN Tobin
    Peta WYLLIE
  • 1971

    Linda CAWTHON Griffin
    Marion HUNT
    Nancy ZUKERMAN Liscow
    Betsy HAVERSTICK Pugh
  • 1972

    Freddy MILLER Davis
    Beverly GROUDINE
    Jenny RYAN Machak
    Adele DAVIS Murphy
    Laura CHILDS Saverin
    Cynthia STRAUSS
    Linda DENNEY Wagner
    Amy ATWELL Williams
  • 1973

    Alice BRITTAIN
    Margaret MATHIESON Conver
    Florabelle MARTIN Getz
    Katherine WATSON Hast
    Blythe JONES Lyons
    Kennedy BECKWITH Nelson
    Carol OSTROW
    Sandra MARHOEFER Roberts
    Jane SEGAL
  • 1974

    Fleur FAIRMAN
    Marcy CONNELLY Gookin
    Linda APTER Mates
    Mildred GOLDSMITH Palley
    Veronica ROCHER Schmerling
    Julie STARK
  • 1975

    Margaret STEIN Almond
    Susan AZAR
    Constance HEINER Gallagher
    Karen KRIEGER
    Allison STEELE Lang
    Patricia HAZLETT McKenna
    Jean DRUCKER Reznick
    Tracey WILSON
  • 1976

    Mary CLAY
    Gretchen MERTZ Cowell
    Sallie DAVIS
    Melinda MOLYNEAUX Edwards
    Elizabeth CUTTER Evert
    Katherine DAVIS Guay
    Karen SAYLES
    Pamela KLINE Smith
  • 1977

    Holly BLASIER
    Jean ROMUALDI Bongiovanni
    Nancy PETTENGILL Bushnell
    Elizabeth DAVIS
    Elizabeth HAMMER Genter
    Victoria KING
    Jessica ARNOLD Mayerson
    Melissa BAIR Peirce
  • 1978

    Blair EDDY DeVan
    Nancy BRADSHAW Foster
    Lisa SEPESY
    Susan MacGREGOR Shaw
    Masako SHIONO
    Lisa TODD
  • 1979

    Barrie TODD Dahl
    Annamaria FATO
    Margaret HARDON
    Constance ELLIS Heppenstall
    Laurin EDSON Moore
    Ann KILCHENSTEIN Scharpf
    Margaret CRANE Vaughan
  • 1980

    Linda WASHINGTON Armstrong
    Jodi KENDAL Bevevino
    Lynn STEIN Cassady
    Nancy CONEY Forhan
    Hanina GOLDSTEIN
    Barbara AARON Rosston
    Holly SWARTZ
  • 1981

    Eugenia AVERY
    Wendy GOLDSMITH Bernstein
    Margaret CUTTER Douglas
    Pamela ELLIS
    Alice MITINGER
    Ronna BROMBERG Pachefsky
  • 1983

    Anne ALTER
    Leslie ROSENBERG Bellas
    Lauren WOLK Calig
    Mary DAVIS
    Victoria NIMICK Enright
    Alexis MAMAUX
    Carrie LEVINE Schiff
    Lauren THOMPSON
  • 1984

    Carolyn ELLIS
    Lucy FATO
    Tonya HENRY
  • 1985

    Cat MELLON Cathey
    Nina KOROS Cavalier
    Alexandra MUSE Ehrlich
    Ann CANCILLA Gaudino
    Porter BALL Knight
    Darcy FRANK Mackay
    Louise MITINGER
    Helena MONTGOMERY Shafran
  • 1986

    Sara HARDON Aros
    Veleda VAN HORN Drometer
  • 1987

    Jean KARLIK Dolan
    Amy SUCCOP Millin
    Jill SWENSEN
    Holly BRENT Thyen
    Louise Kay CHILDS Woodside
  • 1988

    Jamea CATALANO Campbell
    Merritt COLAIZZI
    Natalie CRAMER
    Ginnae HARLEY
    Morgen KELLY
    Lisa LAZAR
    Charlotte FOSTER Pelletz
    Nonie MUSE Shore
  • 1989

    Melissa ELLIS Bennett
    Jennifer LEHOCZKY Elliott
    Diane MEGO
    Sara DEUTSCH Scaife
  • 1990

    Margaret DAUER
    Jo LANG Kim
    Jennie NIELAND Marquette
    Alissa MANCUSO Poole
  • 1991

    Joan MORRIS DiMicco
    Elsbeth GILMORE Iannone
    Patricia CALDWELL McCarroll
  • 1992

    Veronica CORPUZ
    Laura PAULICK Moody
  • 1993

    Melinda CRAMER
    Shanan GUINN
    Courtney LOCKHART
    Kathryn MAY McBride
    Mary BUHOT Runquist
    Amy HUNTINGTON Salerno
  • 1994

    Kristina BISHOP
    Alyssa BURRELL Cowan
    Melissa POLACHEK Filipovic
    Alexandra SINGER McKim
    Sarah BARENSFELD Rizk
  • 1995

    Sarah ALTMAN Bumsted
    Melissa PASTRICK Covelli
    Elizabeth BEAMAN Delman
    Sarah CURTIS Hooper
    Elizabeth HORN
    Britt KEEFER
    Amy MacKAY Larsen
    Rebecca STRAUSS Lewis
    Nikki WRIGHT Lusk
    Lynette MORRIS Malone
    Margaret MARKS
    Colleen DAILY Simonds
    Molly SINGER Tomasi
    Maya FOSTER Tuttle
    Lilah FISHER Wise
  • 1996

    Alison BLOCK Bonn
    Emma GILMORE Kieran
    Sasha SUTHERLAND Nunes
    Leslie ROBINSON
    Andrea SEED Spear
  • 1997

    Marsha BROWN
    Blythe SANFORD Fawcett
    Allison BERGER Garcia
    Nina FISHER Hamilton
    Tomar Pierson-BROWN
    Jessica BROMALL Sparkman
  • 1998

    Allison CAREY
    Rachel EKSTROM Courage
    Christina BUHOT de la Garza
    Jennifer BARTOLINI Donahoe
    Emily ERSTLING
    Michelle BRUNO Miller
    Whitney OKONAK Sunday
    Abby WILSON
  • 1999

    Kate DAVIS Booker
    Joyce FU
    Elizabeth KELLER
    Jessica LEVENSON
    Katherine FISHER Martinez
    Molly QUINLIN O'Brien
    Sarah JORDAN Rosenson
    Regina WILSON
    Angeline WONG
    Jordan ZAPPALA
  • 2000

    Kathryn SWARTZ Kurd
    Erin MEADE
    Courtney SYSKOWSKI
  • 2001

    Shira TOEPLITZ Center
    Frances CHEEVER
    Cristine DAVIS
    Dora PLUMMER Magovern
    Marjorie McMAHON
    Whitney PATROSS
    Heather GREEN Skurek
  • 2002

    Virginia FISHER Baldwin
    Carly REED Carstens
    Lauren BYRNE Connelly
    Priya DHAR
    Hannah BLUM Entrekin
    Andrea CUTRUZZULA Gorney
    Theresa Marie MILLER-SPORRER
    Anita VIN Parikh
    Elizabeth ROSS Radigonda
    Julia TOAL
    Kathryn VREELAND
    Nell COX Yates
  • 2003

    Julianne CUTRUZZULA Beil
    Kjerstin PUGH
  • 2004

    Farial AWAN
    Lorraine KIGER
    Madeleine LANGE
    Sara HANEY Stroud
    Katherine WALTER Thiels
    Katherine GRUNST Vining
  • 2005

    Kaitlyn HELLNER-BURRIS Boatright
    Paige COCHENOUR Houser
    Marisa PORTER
  • 2006

    Ashley MALLON
    Katherine RULLO
  • 2007

    Mary CHEEVER
    Laura HAZLETT
    Alyssa TREMPUS Kinney
    Edlyn LEVINE
    Ronna PEACOCK Pratt
    Kirsten SPITTEL
  • 2008

    Grace McALLISTER
  • 2009

    Heather ACUFF
    Hallie BENNETT
    Lally BORIGHT
    Bridget BYRNE
    Anne HAZLETT
    Sarah MISTICK
    Gillian PORTER
    Madeline SAXON
  • 2010

    Justine BETZLER
    Rasha EL-JAROUDI
    Caroline KELLEY
  • 2011

    Laura CONGELIO
    Rabia MALIK
  • 2012

    Penina FRANCUS
    Mary HAZLETT
    Marina LORENZINI
    Zaynab MALIK
  • 2013

    Rebeca LERMAN
    Shana LESHKO
    Caroline MUSE
    Tova PERLMAN
  • 2014

    Ellington MUSE
  • 2015

    Claire AKERS 
  • 2016

    Katherine MALMSTROM
    Olivia MUSE