Meet Tessa

Grade 8

Student council president.
Multimedia journalist.
Field hockey defender.

Her lead won’t be buried.

Eighth grader Tessa gives everything her best shot. Whether she’s pitching ideas as editor of the school newspaper or playing defense on the field hockey pitch, Tessa has proven that she has a natural knack for anchoring any team. Now, in her final year of middle school, she’s on the record in her biggest leadership role to date: student council president.
Fearless in the face of new opportunities, Tessa sees every experience as a springboard for her future. And while she may not have outlined everything that comes next just yet—her story is destined to be front-page news.

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  • How she’s expanding her creative skillset:

    By learning new Adobe Creative Cloud tools in the Digital Media Lab. “Right now, we’re remaking a music video from the 90s. We’re shooting everything and recreating all of the special effects. It’s really fun editing everything together in Adobe Rush. I love working on a team and creating something new from start to finish.”
  • How she uses her voice:

    By leading the middle school community as student council president. “I never thought I’d be president! In fifth and sixth grade, I was class secretary, and in seventh grade, I was student council secretary. So I decided this year that it was time for the next step.”
  • How she’s changed at Ellis:

    “I’ve learned that everyone brings something different to the table. Everyone might not think the same way I do, but they still deserve to be heard. Being in the debate club last year helped me learn to appreciate other people’s opinions more.”
  • How her teachers make learning fun:

    When learning new vocabulary words in Spanish class, Ms. Prepelka boosts comprehension by employing creative, hands-on activities—like designing your own dream house. “We had to write an essay about our ideal house in Spanish and then draw it and note the vocabulary words in our designs. Mine was in Rhode Island and had a hot tub underneath the bed.”
  • Passion project:

    The seventh grade architecture project made her realize that reconstruction in neighborhoods affects people in multiple ways. “We met with people who lived in the community and worked with a local architect to redesign the Shady Hill Development Center ourselves. Then we built our own 3D models using SketchUp, a 3D modeling tool.”
  • How she’s made an impact:

    “I definitely felt like a changemaker when we raised almost $1,000 for the Tree of Life Congregation. Student council sold bracelets to students that said ‘Always Remember’ with a peace sign and the Star of David, and we donated all of the money to the families.”
  • On trying new things:

    In fifth grade, Tessa joined the Middle School newspaper club, Tiger Ink. “We’re expanding Tiger Ink to TigerTV this year. It will be a news broadcast that’s an extension of the club. We’re going to share news and announcements, and use Adobe Rush to edit it.”
  • What she likes most about Ellis:

    “Being at Ellis makes me feel special. There are so many different things to try and all the teachers are really there for you. I’m always trying new things— and I probably wouldn't do that if I didn’t have the teachers helping me out along the way.”

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