Meet Molly

Grade 5

Devoted Girl Scout.
Cookie entrepreneur.
Keen calligrapher.

She's one smart cookie.

Fifth grader Molly sees middle school as a time to step outside of her comfort zone. A Girl Scout since second grade, Molly’s no stranger to trying new things and thinking on her feet—she sold hundreds of boxes of cookies this year despite the pandemic. 

Managing her cookie cash flow comes naturally to this nimble problem-solver: her favorite subject is math because she loves a challenge. Inspired by her role model Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Molly’s courage, confidence, and character power her to achieve whatever goal she sets.

How Molly's creativity opens new doors at Ellis

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  • Campus connections:

     “I’m in the calligraphy club which has been really fun. We all practice at our own pace and are figuring out our style. My style is very simplistic, I don’t like a lot of crazy swirls and tails. I’m definitely looking forward to trying more clubs in the Middle School.”
  • Favorite subject:

    Math. “I like all of my classes, but my favorite right now is math. I’m really enjoying it because I’m being challenged this year. I love to participate in class and Ms. LaRoche is really good at answering all of our questions.”
  • A changemaker who inspires her:

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg. “I love RBG. She is my role model— she changed the world in my opinion. I dressed up as her in fourth grade for our wax museum project, and I just finished a computer science project on her. For this one, we had to pick a changemaker to research and then code our conversation with them using animations in Scratch.”
  • A leadership mentality:

    “I’ve been a Girl Scout since second grade. I love doing it with my friends and trying all of the different activities. My favorite thing is selling cookies because I also love eating them. This year, I’m using a website called Digital Cookie to sell them online.”
  • How Ellis builds her confidence:

    By surrounding her with support. “I always thought I was more of a shy person, but I’ve discovered that I’m really not. I’ve become more confident because I know my friends and teachers are always here to help me and back me up.”
  • When she grows up:

    “My parents have always told me ‘when you grow up, do something that will change the world.’ I feel like educating people is so important, so maybe I will be a teacher one day.”

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