Meet Lalitha

Grade 2

Deep-sea explorer.
Spirited scientist.
Boisterous brainiac.

The world is her oyster.

Even if she was 20,000 leagues under the sea, Lalitha could never be a fish out of water. This second grader’s bubbly personality enables her to feel at home in any situation, whether she’s deep in discussion about Diwali or shelling out facts about her favorite underwater species.
With big dreams of becoming a scientist or a doctor one day, Lalitha knows she should “just keep swimming” and never give up until she reaches her goals. Be it on land or by sea, whatever the future has in store, she’s sure to make a splash.

A deeper dive into Lalitha's story

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  • A passion that runs deep:

    Her love of the ocean. "I want to learn everything I can about the ocean. The creatures are so weird and interesting. Some are even bioluminescent which means they glow in the dark. My favorite creatures are vampire squids and blobfish. They look like aliens from another planet!”
  • Favorite subject:

    Language Arts because she loves writing. “I like writing because I can express myself. I like to write about animal facts and my life. I’m getting used to expanding my sentences and making them more detailed.”
  • How she builds her confidence:

    “I’ve learned to problem-solve and to never give up on things I can’t do yet. I want to read big books someday—books with 180 chapters!”
  • Sharing her story:

    Ahead of Diwali, Lalitha gave a presentation about the celebration to her classmates. “Diwali is the festival of lights and it’s a big celebration in India. I told my class how we celebrate it at night and the light shines through. I like learning about myself and telling my friends about it.”
  • When she grows up:

    She wants to be a scientist or a doctor. “I love science! I want to use my brain to think of ideas. I want to learn everything there is to know about the human body. There are so many little hidden details.”
  • What it means to be an Ellis girl:

    “It means that you can dream big!”

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