Meet Kendall

Grade 3

Recess ringleader.
Future engineer.
Loyal friend.

Her imagination leads to innovation.

There’s no limit to what third grader Kendall can create. Equipped with a builder’s brain, Kendall has a knack for constructing futuristic towns and whimsical worlds out of her trusty LEGO sets, no instruction manual required. 

At Ellis, she’s known by her peers for inventing innovative games at recess and for her care in ensuring that all of her classmates are included in the fun. Constantly buzzing with ideas about what she can dream up next, Kendall is paving her own path—and bringing her friends along for the ride.

How Kendall is building a bright future at Ellis

List of 5 items.

  • What she likes to do for fun:

    Build things. So much so that she wants to be an engineer when she grows up. “I’ve built planes, townhouses, a giant high school, and my own studio flats out of LEGOs. I like building things because I can express who I am and build whatever I want.”
  • Favorite subject:

    STEM. “I like science because we do fun experiments. We get to build cool stuff. We even made snow that was warm!”
  • A changemaker who inspires her:

    Misty Copeland. “I’ve been practicing ballet at home. I’ve been teaching myself by watching tutorials and practicing pirouettes.”
  • How Ellis builds her confidence:

    “I have a bunch of friends here to support me. We stick together and help each other, no matter what. When we did a relay race, even though my team lost, we still cheered each other on.”
  • Favorite spot on campus:

    The playground. She’s even known by her friends for her ability to make up innovative games (complete with names like Lava Tag and Fire and Ice) that include everyone. “I like making up games with my friends at recess—it’s really fun. I also like swinging on the swings, I can get really high!"

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