Meet Kate

Grade 2

Bright bookworm.
Clever intellect.
Future librarian.

She's reading the fine print.

Second grader Kate knows that you can’t judge a book by its cover. A budding bibliophile who has already finished the Harry Potter series, Kate finds magic in multiple genres, from fantasy to mystery to historical fiction. Her love for literature is so substantial that she’s already mastering chapter books, and she hopes to be a librarian herself one day. 

Much like one of her favorite characters, Hermione Granger, Kate’s curiosity and cleverness allow her to conquer new challenges in the classroom— and consistently check off titles on her ever-growing to-read list.

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  • A (fictional) changemaker who inspires her:

    “I read all seven Harry Potter books with my mom. It took us a few years. My favorite character is Hermione. I like her because she’s smart. She represents that girls can do a lot of things. I think I’m like her.”
  • Favorite spot on campus:

    The library. “It’s really peaceful there. I can read in the quiet. I even want to be a librarian when I grow up so I can read all the time.”
  • How Ellis builds her confidence:

    By teaching her to take things one step at a time. “I work up to my goals. I keep trying because if I don’t succeed, I know I can try again. I like trying new things—someday I might even try skydiving.”
  • On practicing problem-solving:

    “The most challenging thing I’ve done this year is three-digit subtraction with regrouping. I practice by going through the problems step-by-step.”
  • What she's good at:

    Reading. “I love to read. I like mystery books because they give you a chance to think and solve something for yourself. Right now, I’m reading Encyclopedia Brown. It has a bunch of mysteries to solve.”
  • What it means to be an Ellis girl:

    “It means to be strong and to say it’s okay to be who I am. I don’t need to change.” 

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