Meet Coraline


Aspiring astronaut.
City cyclist.
Pint-sized gamer.

She's ahead of the game.

She may only be in kindergarten, but Coraline’s dreams are out of this world. Entranced by the unknown, Coraline hopes to explore a galaxy far, far away one day as an astronaut and be the first person to discover if aliens are real.

When she’s exploring her surroundings earth-side, Coraline likes to do so on two wheels— she’s an avid biker who regularly cruises the city streets with her family.

How Coraline levels up at Ellis

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  • Favorite subject:

    Discovery. In discovery units, it's common to learn about science, history, art, and more—all in one multi-sensory learning experience. "We’ve been learning about maps. We looked at maps and then drew our own. Maps tell you where something is or where to go.”
  • How she builds confidence:

    On her bike. "I like to ride my bike. It’s purple. I’m getting pretty good. I ride with my family. My poodle even has a special set-up on the bike so she can ride with us.”
  • How she helps her team:

    By being kind. "It’s a team promise, to be kind. I make sure I say nice things and include people in games on the playground.”
  • What she likes to do for fun:

    "I love playing video games. My favorites are Mario and Sonic. I like to see how far I can get!”
  • What she’s looking forward to:

    Learning how to roller skate. "My mom is planning on teaching me this summer. It looks fun. I like playing outside.”
  • When she grows up:

    "I want to be an astronaut. Space is so cool. I could change the world by figuring out if there were aliens in outer space.”

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