Meet Alexis

Grade 12

All-season athlete.
Budding biologist.
Contemplative ceramicist.

Her actions speak louder than words.

She may be quiet in her approach, but Alexis’s calm and collected demeanor speaks volumes. An anchor on the varsity basketball, soccer, and softball teams, this senior leads with a cool confidence and steady composure that earns her the respect of her coaches, peers, and competitors. 

When she’s not in uniform, Alexis can be found crafting intricate ceramics in the clay studio and analyzing her latest experiment in the biology lab. An independent thinker who isn’t afraid to speak up for others, Alexis’s steady presence makes her a rock-solid role model in the Upper School.

How Alexis leads the way at Ellis

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  • A leader across leagues:

    Alexis is a three-season athlete at Ellis: soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and softball in the spring. “I like challenging myself through athletics. I always try to keep the team focused and speak up when someone needs encouragement.”
  • Creative outlet:

    I really like clay, being creative, and working with my hands. My sophomore year, I made a heritage piece called, “Sweet T&T.” My family is from Trinidad and Tobago so I wanted to do something that celebrated that culture. The piece has the coat of arms, the ocean, the steel pan, the national birds, and a boat because both of my grandfathers were fishermen.”
  • Favorite subject:

    Anatomy and Biology. “I’m a hands-on learner so anytime I can physically do an experiment or lab, it’s really helpful. I like learning about the body and how things work.”
  • How she wants to shake the world:

    “I would love to be a marine veterinarian and rehabilitate wild marine animals one day. Since I was young, I’ve always been interested in the ocean and wildlife.”
  • How she’s changed at Ellis:

    “I've definitely become more confident using my voice. I’m an introvert but I’ve learned to communicate better and I’m no longer afraid to speak up. I’ve gained confidence through practicing in group projects and presentations.”
  • Passion project:

    “My senior thesis is on Black sitcoms and how we need more representation in television today. Black sitcoms are important because they start conversations and highlight different points of view.”

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