Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Open House:
Grades 1–12
8:30–11:00 a.m.

This group event is geared toward parents of prospective students in grades 1–12. Visit and see how The Ellis School prepares, empowers, and inspires each and every girl through an excellent education in an all-girls environment. See more of the campus, learn about our top-notch STEM programs and our excellence in the liberal arts, and discover how Ellis can enhance your daughter’s academic and personal growth.

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  • What are the Camp Operational Hours?

    • The Ellis School Summer Camp is open from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Staff will be on-site by 8:30 a.m.
    • After-care runs until 6:00 p.m. You can register for after-care through the Ellis Summer Camp Registration Form.
  • What Is a Typical Day Like in Elementary School Camp?

    • Sign in
    • Theme-related activity
    • Snack
    • Theme-related activity
    • Swimming/lunch
    • Afternoon activities—camp-wide activity, art, recess, etc.
    • Sign out
  • What if my Child isn't Potty-Trained?

    Children ages 3 and up MUST be potty-trained to attend Summer Camp at The Ellis School.
  • How Do I Register?

    • To register your child for any of the camps taking place on the Ellis campus during summer 2019, view Ellis camps by age or by date and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Registration for visiting camps taking place at Ellis can be accessed here.
    • Registration is considered complete when payment has been received. Full payment is due by June 1.
  • Who Should I Contact When My Child is Absent or If They Have Transportation Changes?

    • Please call 412-266-8238 or email Jenna Hayes, Summer Programs Coordinator, at hayesj@theellisschool.org to alert the Ellis Summer Camp staff of any absences, vacations, or transportation changes that may arise.
    • Contact Information:
  • Should My Camper Pack A Lunch? Is A Snack Provided?

    • Campers should pack a nut-free lunch daily.
    • Please know that refrigeration is not available for packed lunches; however, campers will have access to a microwave.
    • A nut-free snack is provided mid-morning for all campers. If children stay for after-care, another snack is served around 3:30 p.m. There are no nuts of any kind in the snacks. If your child has other life-threatening allergies, please pack a snack and lunch for them daily.
    • Water is available throughout the day. Campers are welcome to bring a water bottle if they wish, but please label it!
  • Is There Swimming Every Day?

    • Campers participating in the following programs will swim at Chatham University during the week(s) of their camp:
      • Create It  (Ages 3–4, Full Day; Entering Kindergarten; Elementary School)
      • Up, Up, and Away! (Ages 3–4, Full Day; Entering Kindergarten; Elementary School)
      • Story Adventures (Ages 3–4, Full Day; Entering Kindergarten; Elementary School)
      • Hustle. Handle. Hoop.
      • Fall Sports with a Splash: Multi-sport Conditioning Camp
    • Please pack your camper a bathing suit, towel, and shoes that can get wet; these can be kept in your camper’s cubby until they are needed or brought in a bag if your camper is older.
    • Campers who do not take or pass the swim test will be required to wear a floatation device. These are provided for campers at Chatham.
    • There will be several lifeguards present at all times while campers are in the pool.
  • How Will My Camper be Transported To And from Chatham University?

    • The Ellis School will provide transportation via vans with car seats for each size and age of camper.
  • What Medical and Immunization Forms are Required?

    • If your camper is a current Ellis student, we have her medical and immunization information on file. If any changes have arisen this year, please be sure to update your daughter’s Magnus profile before camp.
    • If your camper is not a current Ellis student, you will need to complete the Summer Camp Health Form, which can be filled out online within the Ellis Summer Camp Registration Form. You will also need to provide a copy of your camper’s immunization form to our school nurse, Lynette MacLeod. Copies of the immunization form can be emailed to Lynette at macleodl@theellisschool.org or mailed to the school: The Ellis School, Attn: Lynette MacLeod, 6425 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15206.
    • Please note that we are prohibited by state law from allowing your camper to remain on campus without medical and immunization information.
  • What Should My Child Bring to Camp?

    • For younger campers, please pack a change of clothes/pull-ups in case of spills or accidents.
    • Sunscreen
    • Water bottle with name labeled on it
    • Nut-free lunch
    • Hat for outside play
  • How Do I Drop-off and Pick-up?

    • On the first day of camp, all campers need to be checked in by a parent or guardian at the Ellis entrance.
    • On subsequent days of camp, Middle School campers may be dropped off in our front parking lot and may check themselves into their camp. Campers under the age of 10 should continue to be accompanied by an adult for drop-off.
    • During pick-up, Middle School campers will wait to be picked up outside the entrance to the Upper School, and campers under the age of 10 will wait with a counselor outside the Lower School entrance.
    • The front gate will be locked at all times to ensure the safety of our campers. You may check in with security at the gate to request admittance at any time.
    • For after-care pick-up, please come to the Lower School lobby to sign your child out with a staff member.

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Please Note: This information pertains to camps run by The Ellis School and is not necessarily accurate for Luminari, Mad Science, Cello Fury, or Pittsburgh Pirates camps taking place on the Ellis campus.