Financial Aid

Affording an Ellis Education

Intellectually vibrant, innately curious, community-spirited students find a perfect fit at The Ellis School. In order for a school to be the perfect fit for a family, however, tuition must also be financially feasible. Tuition assistance reduces barriers to affordability for those who qualify for need-based grants. We are proud to partner with families to ensure that the cost of tuition is a sustainable investment over the course of a child's education at Ellis and invite you to learn more about the financial aid application process below.

Follow These Steps to Apply for Financial Aid

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  • Begin your Admission application

    Check the box indicating that you intend to apply for financial aid on the admission application.
  • Complete a family budget worksheet

    Download and complete the optional family budget worksheet.
  • Collect your IRS documents

    This includes the previous year’s W2(s), 1040(s), and all other schedules and forms pertinent to your filing. If you have the current year’s tax documents, please also collect those.
  • Review the parent support materials

  • Attend a Financial Aid Workshop

    Families new to the financial aid process are strongly encouraged to attend a workshop. Please register for an upcoming workshop here. A recording is available for those unable to attend a workshop. Please email or call 412-661-4880 to learn more.
  • Complete the Parents’ Financial Statement

    Download and complete the Parents’ Financial Statement.
    Applications are due January 1. For the purposes of establishing financial need, Ellis expects that both parents (and all legal guardians) will contribute to their daughter’s education. In the case of divorced or separated parents, both parents must complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) and submit all the required documentation to School and Student Services (SSS). Financial information is required from both custodial and non-custodial parents. In certain circumstances, (for example, a widowed parent) a sole parent or guardian can submit a Second Parent Financial Information Waiver Request. Please email for a copy of the waiver request. For new aid applicants, all financial documents from each parent or a statement of non-involvement must be submitted before the financial aid application will be processed.

    The Ellis School code is 2974. There is a fee to submit the application. If the fee is to be waived, this process occurs automatically if you qualify. A family with multiple daughters must submit an application for each daughter. Only those applications accompanied by the correct supporting tax documentation will be considered complete.
  • Upload required tax documents

    Once you submit your PFS, you will have access to the documents section of SSS. Please upload the previous year’s W2(s), 1040(s), and all other schedules and forms pertinent to your filing. Please note that financial information is required from both custodial and non-custodial parents. An application is considered complete only after documents are successfully uploaded. Applications that are completed after the deadline will be considered on a waitlist basis. Current year tax documents must be uploaded as soon as they are available and no later than April 15.
The Ellis School supports 35 percent of our students with $1.8 million in financial aid grants, ranging from $500 to the full cost of tuition. Financial aid up to 50 percent of the tuition is available to Lower School families; in other words, financial aid cannot exceed 50 percent of tuition in Lower School. Middle and Upper School families can receive aid up to the full cost of tuition based on financial need.

As families think about applying for financial aid, we encourage them to carefully evaluate their ability to pay tuition costs. Students who initially enroll at Ellis without financial assistance will be considered for aid only if they have diminished family resources due to an unexpected change in their financial circumstances. The Ellis School asks families to apply for aid each year and reserves the right to change a student’s financial aid grant to reflect changes in the family’s circumstances.