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  • Lisa Citron, Grade 3 Teacher

    Building Confident Learners With a Growth Mindset

    In third grade, we start off the year by reading a book about a young girl who meets an astronaut. The astronaut gives her this advice: “Big things are really little.” The girl comes to understand that this means she can tackle any big issue or problem if she takes it one step at a time. It is a great analogy for third grade.
  • Sara Sturdevant, Performing Arts Department Chair

    Equipping Girls with the Confidence to Challenge the Question

    The profile of many Ellis girls is that of a decidedly successful girl used to achieving at a high level. This makes these students wonderful to teach: they are motivated, want to move forward, and love to understand. Finding ways to challenge them in the classroom on a regular basis is a fascinating problem, but an important one.
  • Macon Finley, Head of School

    Finding the YES Moments

    There are many unique experiences and approaches at Ellis that foster the growth of self-confidence in our students. I believe this is one of the most important, and distinctive, aspects of the Ellis experience. We are particularly committed to this aspect of our work because we know it is vital to a girl’s sense of self-worth and happiness. At the same time, the larger culture does not always support this kind of growth, meaning we have an even more important role in this dimension of a girl’s development.
  • Michelle Rust, Head of Middle School

    Growing Resilient Risk-takers

    As I watched the Ellis Tigers approach the robot table a couple weeks ago at the FIRST LEGO League Grand Championship, I was impressed with their excitement and self-assurance. They couldn’t wait for their turn to run their mission in this coed challenge, and they were calm under pressure when their robot experienced some difficulty.
  • Ann Martino, Head of Lower School

    Ice Cream Advocates and Musical All-Stars

    Recently, a group of fourth graders came to my office with a letter describing their dissatisfaction with the ice cream treats served in the cafeteria. Additionally, the letter included suggestions for improving the ice cream selection. This is not the first time I had heard complaints about ice cream.
  • Lauren Laschon, Assistant Head of School and Head of Upper School

    Ready, Set, Transition

    One of my favorite times of the school year is the window of time right before winter break. I love the traditions of the Young Alumnae Ice Cream Social, advisory holiday parties, and Ellis Idol, our annual Upper School talent show. During this time, I’m sure to see recent graduates walking through the hallways, and their comfort in and familiarity with the Upper School makes it appear as if they never left.
  • Tara Catone, Middle School Physical Education Teacher and Coach

    Why Sports Matter in the Middle School

    How do sports promote confidence in Middle School girls? Tara Catone, Middle School Physical Education Teacher and Coach, shares how girls build their mental and physical toughness in athletics.

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