Upper School

Lauren Laschon, Head of the Upper School
The Upper School years are a time of intellectual growth and self-discovery. In the Ellis Upper School, the most significant advantage we provide is the all-girls environment, which fosters confidence in girls ages 14 to 18. The emphasis we place on leadership, voice, and intellectual risk-taking means that Ellis graduates walk out into the world as confident young women who are fully prepared for the challenges of college and careers.

As the girls progress through the Upper School, their intellectual and social growth is fostered through exposure to a diverse curriculum, elective offerings in both the visual and performing arts, a highly successful athletic program, and a thriving activities program. Community engagement is a hallmark of the Ellis Upper School. Through partnerships with nonprofit, for-profit, and research institutions, our girls are engaged in meaningful hands-on, project-based experiences that help them discover what they love. Through the visual and performing arts, girls learn the value of iteration, creativity, and craft.

Joyfulness, balance, and wellness are among our core community values. Our beloved mini-course program encourages lifelong curiosity and learning in topics such as yoga, self-defense, the history of women and the law, introduction to philosophy, and financial literacy. Through social activities, dances, talent shows, music events, and plays, we develop deep friendships and celebrate each girl's unique contributions to our community.

The close relationships formed among peers and teachers provide a foundation for high-level achievement. In our small, student-centered classes, our expert teachers engage each student through truly outstanding humanities, arts, and STEM programs. Supported every step of the way by her academic advisor and our college counseling office, every student is known well and her talents and potential are nurtured by our exceptional faculty. Leadership is encouraged through group projects, student government, clubs, and community service projects that include social interactions with boys and coeducational institutions. Ellis graduates are well prepared to enter the exceptional colleges and universities to which they have earned admission, and they do so as dynamic leaders in their classes and among their friends.

We welcome you for a visit to our dynamic campus to see our School in action.