Lower School Technology

The focus for technology integration in the Lower School is to teach students how to use a variety of creation tools that allow them to build a toolbox of valuable resources. Throughout their time, these tools inspire students to show their understanding of the knowledge and skills they have learned in creative and meaningful ways.

In the Lower School, iPad carts are permanent fixtures in the hallways for faculty to use for classroom activities. Students use iPads extensively in the classroom as a note-taking tool. Each student receives a Google account with access to Google Drive and other Google applications.
In Lower School classrooms, the app Explain Everything is used to further engage students with new material. Described as a ‘digital whiteboard,’ the app encourages students to collaborate with each other on assignments and easily create presentations for projects.

Examples in the Lower School

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  • Grade 1

    Grade 1 uses the stop motion app KOMA KOMA when studying food chains. Students draw a meadow with various organisms and construct cutout drawings of predator organisms. Using KOMA KOMA on iPads, students take pictures as they slowly move the predators around the meadow to show which organisms are food for that particular predator. The students then put their images into iMovie, add music, and record a voiceover explaining how the food chain works.
  • Grade 2

    Students in grade 2 learn the history of Pittsburgh while taking a tour of the city. Taking along iPads on the tour of Pittsburgh, students take pictures of the sites they visit and record facts they learn. The girls then use the avatar app, Tellagami, to upload their pictures and create an avatar at each site. Students program each avatar to speak about what they learned at each Pittsburgh landmark.
  • Grade 3

    Beginning in grade 3, students attend weekly classes in the Tech Lab. Here, they continue working on basic keyboard functions and typing abilities. Once students become more comfortable using the desktop computers, they begin using ScratchJr to learn simple coding skills.  
  • Grade 4

    Grade 4 incorporates many different technology tools into the curriculum. Students use the Extraordinaires Design Studio kit to build a product for a character client. Characters range from astronauts and pirates to ninjas and vampires, and students must create a building, article of clothing, vehicle, or gadget that meets the needs of their particular character. After completing their project, the girls use iMovie on iPads to show pictures of their project and record a reflection of their final creation. Grade 4 students also use Hummingbird Robotics Kit to combine crafting and coding. With this knowledge, they can create projects that light up and have moving parts to illustrate a story or create a diorama.

Technology Spaces

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  • Lower School Computer Lab

    Lower School students have access to the Lower School Tech Lab. The iMac desktop computers in the Lower School are used regularly to play educational games, practice keyboarding, and further develop problem-solving skills through the use of basic coding programs. Grade 4 students also film the weekly Lower School Video Podcast in the Tech Lab using iMovie on iPads.
  • Middle School Computer Lab

    Middle School girls have access to a Lenovo PC computer lab where they challenge themselves through the exploration of robotics, computer programming, computer circuitry, and other engineering and prototyping technologies.
  • The Active Classroom

    In the Upper School, the Active Classroom has movable desks, Lenovo tablets, projectors, desktop computers, a 3D printer, and hand tools, all of which students use to solve problems and engineer prototypes.
  • The Foundry

    The Foundry is a designated space on campus devoted to STEAM—science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics—and maker education methods and tools. It is the only all-girls, student-run fabrication lab in the region.

    Technology in the Foundry includes:
    • Apple iMac & Mac mini Desktop computers
    • MakerGear M2 3D printers
    • US Cutter 68” Titan 3 Vinyl cutter
    • Three Silhouette America Tabletop vinyl cutter
    • BoXZY 3 in 1: laser etcher, milling machine, 3D printer
    • PowerPress Heat Press
    • Cubify Sense 3D scanner
    • Glowforge Portable laser cutter