College Counseling

Keith Bryner, Director of College Counseling
On behalf of the Office of College Counseling here at the Ellis School, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the compelling opportunities for differentiation that Ellis can provide you with in the college search and selection process. By focusing on whole student development, our program imparts transferable skills and positive perspectives to benefit our graduates both during their search and beyond. Each Ellis college matriculant follows a unique path in their search and selection process; there are no true “feeder” colleges or universities for Ellis graduates and each child is celebrated for the uniqueness of their journey and, ultimately, their college selection.
In our estimation, the college search and selection process involves an exploration of self, a sharpening of critical analysis skills, and an opportunity to maximize both fit and attainment. The skills developed in this realm are comprehensive and set our graduates up to be both successful in their college goals and to be flexible and resilient people beyond their time at Ellis.
At Ellis, we present our graduates not as finished products but as active learners who are in process and engaging deeply with their development. Our intention is to convey to selective colleges and universities that Ellis graduates will arrive at their doorsteps not exhausted from their high school work but invigorated by the possibilities of collegiate education. We invite you to review our outcomes and be both empowered and inspired by the possibilities of an Ellis School education!