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At Ellis, girls aren’t just expected to do, they’re challenged to lead. We give them every opportunity to discover who they are and what they love through elected office, on the athletic field, on stage, in club activities, and through service learning to benefit humanity.

The Ellis leader exudes integrity. She is accountable for her actions and is highly self-aware. She respects herself and others, acts as a responsible global citizen, and gives back to the community. Ellis leaders are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and physicians. They are future Pulitzer Prize-winning authors and MacArthur award-winning molecular scientists. Ellis leaders seek to change the world.

Bringing Out Her Best: Leadership Opportunities

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  • Culture Jam

    Culture Jam is an annual student-led, diversity conference for Pittsburgh-area high school students. 

    Students discuss major controversies affecting society and gain understanding about the complex relationship between controversy and diversity. Student-led workshops include conversations on challenging topics such as the crisis in the Middle East, affirmative action, the racial achievement gap, gender identity, women and politics, religions, gay rights, stereotypes in the media, underage drinking and the importance of controversy.

    The conference features a guest keynote speaker.
  • Ellisian Times Newspaper

    Student participants devote free periods and some out-of-school time to the completion of this publications.

    The Ellisian Times
  • Guild

    Guild is a student-run organization which acts as both a facilitator and an organizer, providing varied opportunities for group and individual student service-learning experiences, and also organizing larger group-oriented activities.
    The primary goals of the voluntary service-learning program at Ellis are to:
    • Encourage Ellis students to develop an ongoing commitment to outreach and service within the local and global community.
    • Provide opportunities for students to experience different types of community service so that the habit of service becomes a commitment to service.
    • Emphasize the learning aspect of community service as a means of helping participants gain a better understanding of themselves and their world.
  • Middle School Student Council

    The Middle School Student Council (MSSC) provides genuine opportunities for students to influence student life and the co-curricular program. Made up of elected officers and class representatives from each grade as well as "at large" members chosen by an administrative committee, the Council is guided by the notion that leaders are facilitators of positive change.
  • Model United Nations

    Each year the Model U.N. participates in the North American Invitational Model U.N. (NAIMUN) Conference in Washington, D.C.

    Each year NAIMUN provides nearly 3,000 high school students with innovative opportunities to partake in high quality debate and experiences unique to our nation’s capital. 

    Over the course of the conference, students represent countries in the general assembly as well as in smaller committee work as they work through many of the pressing issues of the day. In preparation for the conference students research and write a position paper, spelling out the stance of their country on the topics relevant to their committee assignments.
  • Student Diversity Leaders

  • Tiger Ink

    Middle School students produce Tiger Ink, an online newspaperr
  • Touring Tigers

    The Ellis School’s Touring Tigers are exemplary Ellis students who are accepted to this elite group of student leaders. They are knowledgeable, positive, and excited to welcome prospective members of the Ellis community and share with them all that makes Ellis special and distinctive. Touring Tigers operate under the aegis of the Admission Office and represent Ellis at a variety of school activities and admission programs during the school day, after school, and on weekends.
  • Yearbook

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