Best Practices

Active Classroom

New classrooms and spaces at The Ellis School stimulate creativity, promote design thinking and innovation, and encourage learning in all subject areas.

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  • The CoLaboratory and The Active Classroom for Girls

    Located in our Upper School, the CoLaboratory and The Active Classroom are equipped with technology that encourages girls to work collaboratively and creatively. Girls have access to a 3D printer as well as tools and materials to make prototypes. The Active Classroom grant, provided by the Edward E. Ford Foundation with matching funds from our Board of Trustees, also supports the development of new engineering design, physics, chemistry, and biology curriculum meant to increase girls’ confidence and perseverance in critical thinking and problem solving, leading to mastery of science content.
  • Innovation Stations

    From the earliest ages, girls are innovating, building, and making sense of the world around them. To encourage spatial reasoning and STEM-focused “play,” Ellis has installed engineering-focused Innovation Stations in every classroom in the Lower School. The Middle and Upper School each have one Innovation Station installed in the public spaces and stocked with challenges to encourage girls to tinker, develop spatial skills, and encourage one another. These stations are used in two ways: in class, to build knowledge of design thinking concepts tied to the curricula and to encourage perseverance around problem solving; and as “learning through play” spaces that girls may access on their own.

STEMx and Innovation