Academic Support

Academic Support Services at The Ellis School are in place to address the needs and concerns of all students from pre-kindergarten to grade 12. Our specialized team offers referrals, resources, guidance, and care to ensure the academic success and personal well-being of each and every Ellis girl. This revolving door of support for Ellis students ensures all issues are identified and addressed so students can unlock their unique potential.

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  • Academic Support Specialist

    The Reading and Learning Specialist addresses specific Middle and Upper School student literacy, disability, and organizational concerns by providing additional academic accommodations outside of the classroom. The specialist partners with faculty, advisors, Division Directors, and parents to identify performance issues and suggest recommendations for learning support and/or further educational testing. Students are then set up with a customized plan, facilitated by the specialist, to strengthen and improve in-class performance. Through tailored, one-on-one sessions, the specialist proposes, recommends, and develops strategies, techniques, and skills that can effectively improve comprehension, analysis, writing, time management, test taking, and more.
  • Peer Tutoring

    Peer tutoring is available to Ellis students in the Middle and Upper School. Peer tutors are fellow students who have a demonstrated record of academic success and who are committed to helping other students in their area of expertise. Peer tutoring is available to all students, whether they simply want to move a B to an A or need more individualized, in-depth instruction. Students and peer tutors meet on an as-needed basis and work together to find appropriate times to meet.
  • Reading Specialist

    The Lower School Reading Specialist provides differentiated instruction through word study, phonics, fluency, and comprehension in kindergarten to grade 4. The specialist meet students where they are and focuses on implementing strategies that improve literacy skills, both individually and in small group settings. The specialist works closely with the Division Head, teachers, and parents to identify, accommodate, and assist students with specific literacy needs.
  • Math Resource Teacher

    TThe Math Resource Teacher provides supplemental instruction and tailored mathematics programs to Lower School students. This additional, comprehensive support is wide-ranging and focuses on students who are trending below expectations, as well as students trending above expectations. Based on the needs of students, the Math Resource Teacher reviews core concepts, establishes objectives, and facilitates guided and independent practice. The teacher continuously assesses student abilities and provides resources to faculty to foster problem solving and critical thinking skills. Through technology—like the iPad apps, Lumio and Kodable—and real-world applications like food bank fundraisers, the Resource Teacher prepares students for real-life applications of math and more in-depth reasoning in the Middle School.
  • The Writing Center

    The Writing Center in the Middle and Upper School aims to support and enrich the writing community at Ellis. The main objective of the Center is to provide a welcoming space for all students seeking support at any stage of the creative process, from brainstorming to editing. Students are invited to make an appointment or drop in during office hours to discuss assigned school work as well as independent projects. The Center is also available as a space for students to work on their writing independently or collaboratively with their peers.
  • Dean of Students

    The Dean of Students oversees all aspects of student life in the Upper School, from academic progress to student-led clubs. The Dean manages the correspondence between families and teachers, as well as coordinates channels of communication within the School regarding academic performance. They enforce conduct codes, address and mediate problems, and provide social and emotional support to students. The Upper School advisory program, student council, club activities, orientation events, and fundraising initiatives are all supervised by the Dean of Students in partnership with Ellis faculty and Division Directors