WSJ Journalist Hosts Discussion With Upper School Students

Wall Street Journal journalist Robbie Whelan joined the Getting to Know Latin America and Gender and Power classes in the Upper School to discuss his role as a correspondent in Mexico City. Robbie spoke to students about Mexico’s new president-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and debriefed the class on the current state of politics in Mexico.
Through pertinent and thought-provoking questions, students and Robbie, along with Upper School Language Teacher Joel Svensson, Upper School Spanish Teacher Jack Gaddess, and History Department Chair Susan Corbesero, discussed topics such as NAFTA, women’s rights, and the abuse of power in Mexico. Robbie’s compelling perspective as a journalist and as a resident shined a light on pressing issues like femicide, political corruption, and the future of Mexico’s democracy while acting as a primer for the classes upcoming units on politics and current events.

As Upper School students look to their futures and consider ways they can make a positive contribution in the world, Robbie’s visit was just one example of the many ways girls can effectively use their voice to make a difference. A native of Pittsburgh, Robbie has covered corporate news, economics, politics, migration, and crime in Mexico since 2016.