Ellis Middle School Competes in Battle of the Books

Middle School students showed their literacy skills and love of reading as they competed in the second annual Battle of the Books competition on February 28. A voluntary team trivia contest centered around four books each student read outside of class, the Battle of the Books quizzed students on details big and small to test their comprehension and retention from each of the four selections.
By instilling a love of reading at this transformative age, Ellis faculty members are giving students the tools they need to strengthen their vocabulary and language skills via real-life applications that hold real relevance to their lives. This spirited competition shows participants that reading isn’t just for book reports and homework assignments, but something that is fun and enjoyable on their own and within a group.

Battle of the Books Teams 2017–2018

The Nifty Narwhals
Kyra Simmons, Class of 2022
Sarah Ali, Class of 2023
Hana Bloom-Wang, Class of 2024
Noa Dobzinski, Class of 2025

The Internet
Lydia Rosenstock, Class of 2022
Cate Sauer, Class of 2023
Rita Gianakas, Class of 2024
Netta Dobzinski, Class of 2025

The Bus Drivers
Elaini Asamere, Class of 2022
Jordana Javid, Class of 2023
Liadan McElfresh, Class of 2024
Ellie Mahoney, Class of 2025
Sophia Sandholm, Class of 2024

The Reading Rainbows
Estella Warman, Class of 2025
Sarina Pretter, Class of 2024
Josie Nesbit, Class of 2025
Maryella Wanless, Class of 2025

The Dritschows
Hannah Pretter, Class of 2023
Livia Keelan, Class of 2024
Selin Geylani, Class of 2025
Madeleine Mocker, Class of 2025

The Battle Squad
Mackenzi Thompson, Class of 2023
Charlotte Sauer, Class of 2024
Rebekah Rapp, Class of 2024
Zoi Sledge, Class of 2025

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