Affinity Groups at The Ellis School

Affinity groups at The Ellis School recognize, support, and celebrate diversity by bringing together students who share something important in common, e.g., race, gender, religion, or special interests. An inclusive space for students who share a specific identity, affinity groups build community, promote positive self-awareness, and influence positive change and conversation within the community. In affinity group meetings, students regularly use their voices to identify issues important to them, promote ideas for action, and have honest dialogue about their lived experiences in a safe, non-judgemental environment. 
“To have productive conversations on diversity, we have to first acknowledge that we are diverse and celebrate what makes each of,” said Director of Equity and Inclusion Ciera Young. “Once we recognize our different lived experiences, as a community we can be more comfortable understanding, working with, and educating each other on our cultures and identities.”

In addition to affinity groups in the Upper School, two affinity groups, Sisterhood Junior and Multicultural Club, were added to the Middle School this year to give younger students the opportunity to explore their developing identities. Recognizing the need to create inclusive communities not only for students, but for families, Ellis has also formed its first parent affinity group for families of students of color facilitated by Ms. Young.

The Families of Students of Color affinity group aims to have ongoing small-group discussions and to solicit feedback from parents and guardians of students of color that will be used to inform future initiatives, programming, and planning at Ellis. The group will gather periodically for topic discussions, research exploration, parent networking, and needs identification relevant to the group’s focus. The first meeting will be Tuesday, February 13 at 6:30 p.m.

The affinity groups listed below are current offerings at Ellis, but the School hopes to expand and introduce new groups as we continue to receive input from the Ellis community. As a school, Ellis is committed to respecting diverse perspectives and ensuring all students and families feel affirmed, valued, and welcomed.

Middle School
Sisterhood Junior
Multicultural Club

Upper School
Asian Student Union
Jewish Student Union
Student Diversity League
Mental Health Club
Gender Sexuality Alliance
Feminist Student Union

Families of Students of Color Affinity Group