Ellis Robotics Team Finishes Season Strong

Ellis’ Middle School robotics team, the STEAM Powered Girls, competed in the FIRST LEGO League Grand Championship at La Roche College this past weekend where they impressed the judges with their strong coding and communicative skills. The STEAM Powered Girls earned a special recognition in programming and for their project presentation, with the recognition for their project placing them in the top 10 in their division.
The competition went on despite the winter weather, with the girls presenting their research project and robot design to judges. “It was a real roller coaster of a weekend sorting out what would happen through all of the weather, so these girls definitely earned their accolades,” said faculty mentor Samuel Rauhala. The team then worked together in pairs on the table-top playing field for the interactive and unpredictable robot games. As students carried out select missions and tasks, they showed their programming prowess and earned a season-high 80 points in the final round of the day. 

Since the beginning of the school year, the STEAM Powered Girls have been fine-tuning and finessing their robot, working on their programming skills, and competing in local scrimmages. This hands-on extracurricular activity encourages the girls to think outside the box and problem solve on the fly.

The STEAM Powered Girls showed drive, dedication, and determination throughout the fall season and we couldn’t be more proud of them!

Congratulations to:

Anjali Angal, Class of 2022
Ilona Bender, Class of 2023
Lana Blawat, Class of 2023
Viola Haggerty, Class of 2023  
Livia Keelan, Class of 2024
Kalliope Kristian, Class of 2024
Kate Nury, Class of 2023
Ella Williamson, Class of 2024
Beverly Oleka, Class of 2025
Taeler Suber, Class of 2025