Ellis Students Compete in Annual Middle School Olympiad

Ellis students flexed their creative, intellectual, and physical muscles on Wednesday as they took part in the annual Ellis Middle School Olympiad. The Olympiad brings together grades 5 through 8 for an event-packed day full of fun, friendly competition and teamwork. For a full day, students participate in a rotation of challenges and tests that vary from trivia to design as they strive to take home the gold medal and bragging rights as Olympiad champions.
This year, students were sorted into 16 teams and tasked with brainstorming their team name, costumes, and banners at workshops on Tiger Days prior to the main event. On the morning of the Olympiad, students gathered in the mini-gym to introduce their team with a spirited performance, usually a song, dance, or skit, and unveil their banner to the 15 other teams and Middle School faculty. After the team names and banners were revealed, the games officially began and the girls went head to head in seven different events. Students competed in: Quiz Kids, Pictionary, Wits & Wagers, Map Scraps, Crossfit, Musical Challenge, and a Design Challenge.

The day culminated in the auditorium for the Quiz Kids final and the awards ceremony where certificates were handed out for winners in each event and for overall awards like “Best Costume” and “Best Banner”. The 2017 Middle School Olympiad gold medal winners were the Cereal Mascots, with the Ellis Teachers taking silver, and the Oompa Loompas bringing home the bronze.

The Middle School Olympiad unites students across grade levels and gives them a chance to meet new friends, exhibit different skillsets, and take on leadership responsibilities. This spirited pause from the normal routine lets students unleash their creative energy in a positive, joyful learning environment. The celebration of teamwork and sports(wo)manship encourages students to work together, compromise, and think outside the box.

“The Olympiad is a great way for students to intermingle between grades. The competition is designed so there is something for everyone. Students have the chance to show all sorts of skills they might not normally show in the classroom, and it gives them the opportunity to try new things and make friends. This shared experience for the girls is really fun for everyone involved,” said Andrea Christian-Michaels, Reading Specialist and Organizer of the Olympiad.

Congratulations to all students who participated in this year’s Middle School Olympiad! And a big thank you to the faculty for putting on the event.
The 2017 Middle School Olympiad Teams: The GladiEaters, Ellis Teachers, Alice in Wonderland, Memes, Pixar, We Are Not From This World, Cereal Mascots, Sassy Sauces, We’re So Punny, Pop Tarts, Movie Time, Zodiac Signs, Mickey Mouse, Oompa Loompas, M & M’s, and Clue.

2017 Olympiad Awards

Gold - Cereal Mascots
Silver - The Ellis Teachers
Bronze - Oompa Loompas
Quiz Kids - The Ellis Teachers
Pictionary - Sassy Sauces
Design Challenge - Zodiac Signs
Map Scraps - Memes
Wits & Wagers - Zodiac Signs
Musical Challenge - Cereal Mascots
CrossFit - Cereal Mascots
Best Costume - Alice in Wonderland
Best Cheer - Cereal Mascots
Best Banner - Cereal Mascots
Best Team Spirit - Cereal Mascots
Most Perseverance - Movie Time

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