Ellis Students Inducted into Language National Honor Societies

Nineteen Ellis Upper School students have been inducted into the National Honor Societies for world languages. One student was inducted into the National Latin Honor Society, five students were inducted into the National French Honor Society (Société Honoraire de Français), and 13 students were inducted in the National Spanish Honor Society (Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica).
The students were honored during an induction ceremony and luncheon hosted by Ellis’ World Languages Department in April. Each student received a certificate to commemorate their new membership within their respective language honor society.

"The deepest way to connect with other people and help create a more peaceful world is to learn their language, and that’s what our inductees are well on their way to doing,” says Jack Gaddess, World Languages Department Chair and Upper School Spanish Teacher. "Learning a language stretches your brain in a way that is beneficial in many ways, and we encourage our students to go on and study or immerse themselves in a third or even a fourth language as they move on from Ellis.”

To be eligible for induction into the language honor societies, students must maintain an A- average throughout their language studies, demonstrate a genuine interest in language learning, and be upstanding citizens within the Ellis community. 

National Latin Honor Society Inductee
Madison Potoka, Class of 2025

Société Honoraire de Français Inductees
Anna Cowan, Class of 2026
Zaitun Kirabo, Class of 2025
Mads Mocker, Class of 2025
Josephine Nesbit, Class of 2025
Naomi Teter, Class of 2026
Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica Inductees
Rowan Cain, Class of 2023
Katriel Camp, Class of 2023
Esty Henteleff, Class of 2023
Maegha Goel, Class of 2025
Tessa Gumberg, Class of 2025
Abigail Hilton, Class of 2025
Elizabeth Hohm, Class of 2025
Elizabeth Mahoney, Class of 2025
Reese McGeary, Class of 2025
Aubrey O'Toole, Class of 2025
Maryella Wanless, Class of 2025
Saraí Williams, Class of 2025
Ella Williamson, Class of 2024

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