The Ellis School Announces Middle School Science Lab Renovation Project

Ellis will launch the next phase in the dynamic evolution of the School’s STEM program this summer with the renovation of the Middle School science labs.
Originally built in the 1970s as science classrooms for high school students, the current Middle School science labs will be remodeled based on innovative designs by local architecture firm PWWG. The goal of the renovation is to provide modern, flexible, inviting spaces that allow students and faculty to move seamlessly between group projects, lab experiments, discussions, and presentations—living fully into Ellis’ belief that middle school scientists learn best through hands-on experiences and collaborative problem solving.

The School aims to break ground on the new lab spaces as soon as classes end in early June and hopes to finish the project in late August, in time for the start of the 2022–2023 school year. Construction will be completed by local contractor Jendoco, and the renovation will also include the installation of an elevator to provide better access to both levels of the Middle School.

Over $1,200,000 has already been raised for this endeavor from a generous group of donors that includes current and past parents, current and former trustees, alumnae, and friends of the School. Contributions are still being accepted to fund the renovation’s projected budget of $1,300,000, and donations can be made through May 15.

“Whether it be science, technology, engineering, or math, The Ellis School has been at the forefront of prioritizing STEM education for girls for over 105 years,” says Head of School Macon Finley. “The Middle School science labs are more than deserving of an upgrade and redesign, and I can’t wait to celebrate these news spaces with the Ellis community in the fall.”

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