Students Win Top Awards at State PJAS Competition

Ten Middle and Upper School students received first and second place awards in the statewide Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) competition. Under the guidance of Upper School Chemistry Teacher and Faculty Advisor Lynne St. Hilaire, students unraveled complex problems, troubleshot possible solutions, and analyzed data to support their conclusions before presenting their final projects. In addition to the awards, Meghan McNabb, Class of 2022, was honored with a scholarship to Penn State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences. 
1st Place:
Noa Dobzinski, Class of 2025
Netta Dobsinski, Class of 202
Abigail Hilton, Class of 2025
Beverly Oleka, Class of 2025
Liadan McElfresh, Class of 2024
Eleanor Barth Wu, Class of 2022
Erika Rispoli, Class of 2022

2nd Place:
Sarah Ali, Class of 2023
Rachel Arnt, Class of 2026
Meghan McNabb, Class of 2022


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