Ellis Launches Changemakers Lab Summer Institute

The Ellis School is excited to announce the launch of Changemakers Lab, a summer experience unlike any other—that’s exclusively for girls. The first program of its kind in Pittsburgh, Changemakers Lab is designed to empower girls to ask big questions, roll up their sleeves, and work together to create a better tomorrow. 
Centered around an interdisciplinary, real-world project, Changemakers Lab offers five innovative 10-day experiences from June to August for girls ages 10 to 17. In collaboration with community organizations Grow Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Glass Center, and CodeJoy, participants will collaborate on Labs that explore topics related to the arts, ecology, STEM, and digital citizenship. These local community partners will offer leadership in their area of expertise by teaching technical skills, introducing project-specific materials and concepts, and/or leading relevant discussions. Additionally, girls will venture into the community during off-site excursions to engage in guided explorations. 

Throughout Changemakers Lab, participants will learn about the skills and characteristics needed to be a successful leader—including active listening, empathy, facilitation, flexibility, communication, and negotiation. They will also address four essential questions: What and who is a changemaker? When does change need to happen and why? What kind of change is possible? How do we create change together?

Join Changemakers Lab today and save $200 when you sign your daughter up for two labs!

Art in Community: Mosaic Project 
June 14–June 25, 2021 | Register

What role does visual art play in shaping a changing world? In this Lab, changemakers will investigate how art impacts people, perspectives, and public spaces. In collaboration with the Pittsburgh Glass Center, participants will spend two weeks creating a glass mosaic mural that reflects the past, present, and a shared vision for a better future. 

Urban Ecology: Community Garden Project
June 28–July 9, 2021 | Register

Sometimes girls have to get their hands dirty to make a difference. Changemakers will dig into the relationships and vital connections between plants, animals, and the world around them during Urban Ecology. In collaboration with Grow Pittsburgh, changemakers will design, develop, and contribute to a community garden while learning about the impact ecological systems have on communities. 
Digital Citizenship: Virtual Communication Project
July 12–23, 2021 | Register

How can girls use technology to their advantage? In this Lab, changemakers will explore how our interconnected world presents an opportunity for them to express their ideas and raise awareness about causes they care about in the virtual space. Together, participants will experiment with different design tools, apps, communication platforms, and creative processes as they practice analyzing, communicating, and presenting real-world data, information, and experiences. 

Performance by Design: Theatrical Production
July 26–August 6, 2021 | Register

There’s no better place to practice taking risks than in the theater. Changemakers will be challenged with creating and leading all aspects of a theatrical production in Performance by Design. They will cultivate technical skills in acting, vocal music, movement, set design, and playwriting in an immersive experience designed to develop a sense of voice, confidence, and enhance technical expertise.  

Engineer the Future: Prototype Project
August 9–20, 2021 | Register

What would the future look like if it was designed by girls? As advancements in STEM propel us into the future, now is the time for girls to equip themselves with innovative and forward-thinking skill sets. In partnership with CodeJoy, participants will prototype a solution to a human-centered design challenge. They will learn the foundations of coding and robotics, explore how design thinking and programming can unlock complex problems, and how they can work together to build a better blueprint for the next generation.

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