Ellis Takes First Place on Hometown High Q

A team of Upper School students representing Ellis won first place on Hometown High Q, a local trivia quiz show for high school students on KDKA. Seniors Kiera Harrell-Danks, Annika Ramani, and Lowrie Woodside competed in the regional quiz show, and Hunter Kloss, Class of 2021, and Grace Boyer, Class of 2023 served as alternates. 
Led by Upper School Mathematics Teacher Ben Zucker, the Ellis team tested their academic prowess against McGuffey High School and Elizabeth Forward High School and were crowned champions on the March 6 show. 
“Kiera Harrell-Danks served as our captain, responsible for giving final answers to the host's questions and deciding any disputes among the team members. Annika Ramani anchored the team with her broad knowledge base and strategic thinking, and Lowrie Woodside proved to be our clutch hitter, pulling Neville Chamberlain out of the depths of her brain to win us some big points at the end of the game,” shared Mr. Zucker. “Alternates Hunter Kloss and Grace Boyer practiced with the team and provided valuable academic and moral support.”