Record Participation in Ellis Fund Parent Drive

The first-ever Ellis Fund Parent Drive saw record numbers of participation, with 83% of the parent community donating to the Ellis Fund between December 1–8, 2020. Led by a team of parent ambassadors, Ellis families raised over $45,000 for the School and surpassed their goal of 80% participation.
Over the course of the week, ambassadors completed one-to-one outreach to fellow parents and families reflected on why they donate to the Ellis Fund. Veronica Dristas, Ellis Fund Parent Ambassador and Co-Chair and parent of Alessia, Class of 2028, shared, "We chose Ellis because it was a perfect fit for our daughter and frankly for us too. This is a community that embraces you full-heartedly. Ellis is a place where every single teacher knows my daughter’s name. Our daughter is challenged, encouraged, and helped to take risks because of the teachers at Ellis. She goes to school with enthusiasm and comes home every day with stories of people she truly admires. This is why we give to Ellis."

To celebrate the accomplishment, Macon Finley, Head of School, said, “I am so very grateful to everyone who donated to our first annual Ellis Fund Parent Drive. The support you’ve shown for our faculty, our staff, and the School has been incredible. Every time I talk with prospective families, I let them know about the strength of our school community and the importance of the relationships we have between students, families, faculty, and staff. More and more, I have come to think of us as one big family, with deep commitment to and care for each other. Your participation in the Ellis Fund Parent Drive is only one of many ways in which that commitment shines through, but a remarkable and wonderful one.”