Students Recognized for Excellence in World Languages

Nineteen Upper School students have been inducted into three National Honor Societies for world languages. All inductees have demonstrated a palpable enthusiasm for learning a language and have maintained an A- average or higher through two years of French, Latin, or Spanish. Their proven dedication to not only learning a language, but to exploring the diverse cultures, people, and perspectives behind it, is what truly makes these students successful as they master their language skills in upper-level courses.
When students learn a second language, they build meaningful connections between cultures and become culturally aware global citizens. This group of students joins a broader network of inductees who realize the collective strength that is derived from global education and collaboration across classrooms, countries, and continents. In recognition of their commitment, passion, and proven dedication to world languages, The Ellis School was proud to induct the following students into The Société Honoraire de Français, The National Latin Honor Society, and The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica.

The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica
Hannah Anderson-Brownlee, Class of 2022
Anjali Angal, Class of 2022
Grace Braham, Class of 2022
Sofia Geminetti, Class of 2021
Shivani Watson, Class of 2022

The Société Honoraire de Français
Eleanor Barth Wu, Class of 2022
Moira Connell, Class of 2022
Katie Koeppl, Class of 2022
Shivani Nangia, Class of 2022
Erika Rispoli, Class of 2022
Lydia Rosenstock, Class of 2022
Stephanie Somlo, Class of 2022
Chapin Wilson, Class of 2022

The National Latin Honor Society
Elaini Asamere, Class of 2022
Mia Cirilano, Class of 2022
Natalie Graf, Class of 2020
Jordan Merkel, Class of 2022
Ella Rath, Class of 2022
Maya Winter, Class of 2022