Students Recognized with Regional PJAS Awards

Nine Ellis students were awarded either first or second place at the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) Regional Competition held on Saturday, February 1, 2020, at Duquesne University. In addition to first and second place finishes, Eleanor Barth Wu won two additional awards of merit: the American Chemical Society Dr. James Manner Award and the Duane Keenan Award in Biochemistry. 
PJAS is an organization that promotes and encourages science and mathematics research and analysis among middle and high school students. At the competition, students participate within different scientific categories of research— such as Computer Science, Engineering, Biochemistry, Biology, Mathematics, etc.—and present their hypothesis and findings to a panel of judges. Once the judges deliberate and determine student’s scores, the awards are announced and all first place winners automatically receive a spot at the final state competition.

To prepare for the regional competition, students in grades 7 to 11 have worked tirelessly on their presentations since the fall, spending time outside of the classroom to develop, research, and analyze their original ideas prior to the competition. All first place winners will move on to compete at the PJAS state competition in May at Penn State University. 

Eleanor Barth Wu, Class of 2022
“The Effect of E-Liquid on Epithelial Cell Health” 
1st Place; American Chemical Society Dr. James Manner Award; Duane Keenan Award in Biochemistry

Viola Haggerty, Class of 2023
“Which Bacteria Can Develop the Best Antibiotic Resistance?”
2nd Place
Livia Keelan, Class of 2024
“The Effect of Different Alcohols on Helping Cool Down a Room”
2nd Place
Meghan McNabb, Class of 2022
“Bacteria Concentration in Different Brands of Yogurt”
2nd Place
Shivani Nangia, Class of 2022
“Ethanol Yield from Agricultural Waste”
1st Place
Beverly Oleka, Class of 2025
“The Effects of Antioxidants on Apple Browning”
2nd Place
Sreethi Ramineni, Class of 2023
“How Do Acute Temperature Changes Affect Mood?”
2nd Place
Erika Rispoli, Class of 2022
“The Effect of Pore Pattern Geometry on Osteogenic Scaffolds”
1st Place
Shivani Watson, Class of 2022
“Computational Model of Fluorogenic Estrogen-Detecting Sensor”
1st Place

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