Ari Brazier Teaches Students The Importance of Play

Ari Brazier, a play-driven community organizer and educator, visited Ellis to speak about the importance of play and the power it has to bring people from different communities, cultures, and circumstances together. Using hand-clapping games as an example, Ari modeled to Ellis girls how something so simple can relieve stress, help people communicate across language barriers, and promote cooperation. 
During the high-energy, interactive assembly, Middle and Upper School students taught each other how to play Snap—a hand-clapping game—and answered questions from Ari thoughtfully and eloquently. To end the session, Ari reminded Ellis students that play is something everyone has in common and to consider what stories are being told and what stories are being kept the next time they play a game. Who is being included? Who is being excluded? What are you teaching? How are you promoting justice?