Class of 1979 Creates Fund in Honor of Rosenthal Brothers

Following the attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue, the Class of 1979 wanted to find a way to honor Diane ROSENTHAL ’79 and Michele ROSENTHAL ’87 who lost their brothers, Cecil and David, that day. After seeing the Rosenthal family pay tribute to Cecil and David by launching a “Love Like the Boys” campaign in Pittsburgh, the Class of 1979 decided to honor their memories by creating The Love Like the Boys for the Girls Fund.
The full Ellis experience is more than just what students learn in the classroom; it’s extracurricular activities, field trips, performing arts, and much more. The Love Like the Boys for the Girls Fund will support these initiatives by providing discretionary funds to help cover the cost of these activities as well as student needs outside of the classroom.

A small portion of the fund was also used to transform an outdoor space outside of the Fred C. Babcock Library. This new sitting area is a place that students can use to meet for group projects, complete homework, or simply relax during lunch or free period. The Class of 1979 hopes the space will be used for quiet reflection and celebration of community by Ellis students and faculty. A plaque will be hung above the sitting area to commemorate and celebrate Cecil and David Rosenthal.   

“It’s so very like Ellis women to support each other, support the School, and build community in this way,” says Head of School Macon Finley. “The fund will touch many lives, and has given us all a way to remember, honor, and learn from the lives of David and Cecil.”

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