Ellis Launches New, Innovative Tuition Program

The Ellis School is thrilled to announce the launch of Tailored Tuition, a new and innovative approach to tuition and affordability. The first of its kind in the region, Tailored Tuition aims to make it possible for more families to access an Ellis education for their daughters.
In a traditional financial aid model, it can be difficult for a family to discern whether they qualify for aid and, if they do, what their cost of attendance would be. For many families, this can be a deterrent to pursuing an independent school education, even if they are certain their daughters would thrive at a school like Ellis. 

“We know from our research that a significant number of families do not pursue an independent school education because they believe it is out of reach financially. This new approach will ask each family to pay a rate of tuition that is a sustainable stretch for them while taking into account other significant financial variables,” says Head of School Macon Finley.

Offering Tailored Tuition is in keeping with the School’s 100-year history of empowering girls and young women. Because an Ellis education is a transformative experience, all girls who are bright and curious, principled in their beliefs, eager to make a difference, and ready to make the very most of their school experience should be Ellis students.

In addition to serving the needs of girls in the region, the School is focused on issues of equity and inclusion. Ellis’ commitment to adopting innovative initiatives like Tailored Tuition make the school a more welcoming place for a wide range of students and their families. 

“We want nothing to stand in the way of our students, including the cost of an exemplary education in an all-girls environment. Tailored Tuition is an inclusive affordability initiative designed to make an Ellis education accessible to a wider range of families and to make it easier for families to get a clear picture of the level of tuition they would likely pay if their daughter attended Ellis,” says Bayh Sullivan, Director of Enrollment Management at Ellis.

The Ellis School provides unparalleled opportunities for girls to explore every corner of their imaginations, grapple with the complexity of the world and their multifaceted roles within it, and forge their sense of self in an environment that maximizes their potential; it prepares them to strike out into the wider world armed with their honed curiosity and a deep sense of purpose. So, what’s stopping us in our quest to bring even more interesting, bold, kind, and creative girls into this one-of-a-kind environment? Nothing, now.