Ellis Pianists To Play Carnegie Hall

Five Ellis musicians will travel to New York City this summer to play at Carnegie Hall as students of Junyi Liu, Ellis Music Academy instructor. Tessa Gumberg, Class of 2025, Anneliese Musahl, Class of 2026, Camilla Musahl, Class of 2028, Sophia Musahl, Class of 2023, and Annika Sandholm, Class of 2026, will play the piano at Weill Hall in Carnegie Hall on Sunday, June 16.
In the Ellis Music Academy, these students have had the opportunity to study music and performance while practicing invaluable skills like time management, self-discipline, and patience. They have done more than just master the music—they have mastered how to use their voice with confidence and handle themselves on stage with poise. Their upcoming performance at the world-renowned Carnegie Hall will be a culmination of the hard work and commitment they have put in throughout the year and a celebration of their craft.

Tickets to the performance are available online from Carnegie Hall.