Two Longtime Ellis Teachers to Retire

The Ellis School will say goodbye and good luck to two beloved educators, Lower School Music Teacher Pat Crosby and Grade 2 Teacher Terri Wilson, upon their retirement at the end of the 2018–2019 school year. Both staples in the Lower School community for over three decades, Ms. Crosby and Ms. Wilson have guided, mentored, and supported Ellis’ youngest students as they learned to use their voices in the classroom and on the stage.
Ms. Wilson began her career at Ellis in 1978 and taught first grade for 15 years before moving to the second grade classroom. Over the course of 40 years, she has taught the building blocks of science, mathematics, and language arts in addition to lessons on the importance of community, resilience, and hard work.

“When alumnae tell me stories of their time at Ellis, so many of them speak with gratitude and reverence about their time in Ms. Wilson's class,” said Macon Finley, Head of School. “They recall her innovative projects, the love and respect she showed them as students—and that she expected them to show each other—and the joyful learning they experienced in her classroom. Terri has left an indelible mark on so many girls."

Ann Martino, Head of Lower School, shared, “Terri Wilson was my mentor when I first came to Ellis. Terri’s warmth and kindness, her passion for learning and teaching, and her ability to connect with students, parents, and colleagues inspired me to be at my best. I am certain all of her students over the years have been similarly inspired by the example she sets.”

Ms. Crosby joined The Ellis School as a music teacher in 1981. Responsible for the myriad of melodies emanating from the Lower School hallways, Ms. Crosby has been at the helm of countless Lower School musicals, class plays, and recitals. During her time at Ellis, she has inspired Ellis girls in the arts—encouraging them to speak with confidence, flex their creative muscles on stage, and believe in the power of their own voice.

“It has been incredible to witness the magic Pat Crosby works with our girls. Under her creative, loving, and expert guidance, every girl in the Lower School has experienced the joy and pride of performing on the Ellis stage. Not just once, but during each of her years at Ellis,” shared Ms. Finley. “Ms. Crosby has given hundreds of students, and their families, some of their most memorable experiences at the school."

“Throughout her years of teaching music at Ellis, Pat Crosby has maintained high standards,” said Ms. Martino. “With kindness and patience she has asked Ellis girls to do things they didn’t know they could do and they have risen to the occasion. Some of their finest moments have happened because Ms. Crosby believed they could do it and taught them how.”