Senior Co-Authors Fossil Research Manuscript

Lucia Snyderman, Class of 2019, co-authored a fossil research manuscript titled: “A Campanian age assignment for the Cretaceous fossil-bearing strata of Cape Marsh, Robertson Island, Antarctica.” Lucia has worked with Dr. Matt Lamanna, a world-renowned paleontologist at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, on the exploration for the last two years.
Lucia has had exposure to this type of university-level research not only after school, but during the day at Ellis. Last year, Lucia and the Class of 2019 participated in the Small World Initiative, an extremely rare global discovery-based experiment that crowdsourced antibiotic discovery to students. This experience, paired with Upper School STEM courses, equipped Lucia with the skills and confidence to pursue her interest in fossil research, partner with Dr. Lamanna, and use her knowledge to make worthwhile contributions to the manuscript. Ellis’ Upper School program empowers girls to be intellectually ambitious, delighted by learning, and equipped with all the skills necessary to be successful, independent, researchers.