Strings Teacher Featured in “The Old Man and the Sea”

Ellis Middle and Upper School Strings Teacher Simon Cummings was involved in a performance of “The Old Man and the Sea” which closed this past February. Recently adapted by A.E. Hotchner, the world premiere of the play used immersive storytelling through video along with the actors and set onstage.
A.E. Hotchner was a longtime friend of Ernest Hemingway and was his official biographer, at 102 years old he wanted to adapt his old friend’s short novel for the stage. A joint effort between Point Park University and RWS Entertainment group, the production had 15 shows that ran from February 1–17, 2019. Mr. Cummings was asked to assist in writing and performing music for the show.

“Composing and performing the music for Old Man and the Sea was an unforgettable experience,” says Mr. Cummings “I was challenged not only to score the show but to also become integrated into the cast and staging of the show as an actor and character. I was inspired by the original text, as well as by the actors and director, who motivated me to score all the different moods and character themes in the show.”